Tuesday, December 31, 2013


As I write this post on the year end 31st Dec 2013, I cannot but remind myself that this is such a unique moment; for with every passing second I will bid good bye to 2013 and usher in 2014 with fresh hopes and dreams. What is more  significant is the realization that while the event will repeat itself every year on 31st Dec. this moment when I writing this post will never mean the same ever. For this is my TIME as I write and your TIME as you read it and for you and me This Instant Moment is Everything .

The ideal way to ensure you utilize your time well is to ensure you plan well. Perhaps this is reinforced by the fact that we ritually make New Year Resolutions. If you haven’t done that yet, resolve to make the list as soon as you finish reading this post. When you make your New Year Resolutions it would help if you grouped it in meaningful ways. E.g. Personal Goals, Professional Goals, Financial Goals, Academic Goals, Self Improvement goals etc. To make your plan work well and help you achieve your goal list out at least 3 action plans and put a time frame to each action plan. 

It is assumed that you would write down all the plans listed above. It is equally essential that you  ensure that your plans are often seen by you. This means you need to display it in a place where you see it and are reminded of it regularly. Additionally it would help you to share some of your significant plans with family and friends who hopefully will prod you, nag you, remind you, push you and pester you about your progress on the goals. Sure enough you will find yourself spending your TIME very productively chasing those plans. Don’t forget to also review your plans and revise it if needed for almost all plans need tweaking and adjustment before they fructify into achievements.

On the other hand one need not get obsessed with TIME or else one would never enjoy a good time. Partying and relaxation is as important as achieving your goals. Taking TIME out to recharge and rejuvenate is an essential part of spending TIME for your self. Similarly ensure frequent time out for family, friends, socializing for as a social animal, these are significant moments that will ensure a healthy personal, family and social life. 

At various times each of us will feel guilty of either squandering time or being slaves to time. It is possible that there is some truth in this feeling of guilt for none us can ever be clock work in real life. What is important is not to let the guilt overwhelm us but on making the realization take steps to remedy the situation. This is possible only if one ensures that his/ her time allocation for whatever planned has ample time cushions. We get stressed when we fail to allocate time cushions for life is always full of surprises and we can never be sure of what lies in store. 

There are times when each of us have also gone through the agony of finding time weighing heavily on us especially when sick or immobilized or when one has lost his/ her job or retired. That is the time for one to be creative in utilizing your time. Think positively, find alternatives, rework your plans, don’t forget that 24 hours is all yours; use it well. Results may not be apparent or immediate, but patience is a value that is best taught by TIME.

Whatever be our take on TIME, no time is wasted except when we willfully become complacent, lethargic and indifferent to the value of TIME. After all we are all blessed with TIME as long as we are alive and that should also remind us that This Instant Moment is Everything 

So in closing let me quote Longfellow
Let us, then, be up and doing,
With a heart for any fate ;
Still achieving, still pursuing,
Learn to labor and to wait.

May EACH one of you blessed with ample TIME for growth, happiness and contentment!

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Saturday, November 30, 2013


When we hear the word WORK the immediate thought that comes to mind for most people is that it is an insipid, terrible way of going about living. If these thoughts overpower us daily, our daily life will be hellish one. Rich or poor, king or pauper work is destined on mankind and we cannot escape that reality. Some may argue that the filthy rich need not work but look around and you will notice that they are working harder than most. The utterly poor including beggars also have to go about doing their work so as to earn, live make their life more comfortable and pleasant. Since work is inevitable, how about looking at life in a more acceptable way and see it as a Way Of Rewarding Knowledge?

The rewards of work are manifold. To begin with, work enables us to keep busy. If we did not have any work, we would in serious trouble since an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Work rewards us with learning. While it is true that we often do the job based on what we have learnt, the reality is that what we learn on the job is far more critical in terms of being efficient and productive. It also enables us to realize our true potential and perhaps even helps us discover shades of out personality that we never knew existed. The most important reward of work is that it leads to monetary gains be it salary or profit. Far too often we focus on the monetary rewards without applying our mind to the quantum of effort or quality of work we do. Perhaps this often leads us to hate our work. By and large each one is rewarded by work in a relatively fair manner.

The key to doing good work is in leveraging the knowledge one has to the fullest. This could mean that at times we have to upgrade our knowledge, seek out opportunities at work to find niches in which we can pitch out expertise and the truly rewarded are those who make work a passion of their own liking. Knowledge is never static and so while academics can provide crucial inputs to get us going being able to proactively improve and enhance value in the work done is what brings large rewards.

The problem for many is how to love our work. My suggestions are as under:
  • First accept that work is a reality that we cannot escape.
  • Next try and find a work that is closest to your interest, passion, knowledge and ability.
  • If you are unable to find such a work that matches all the above or worse still has no correlation to any of the above, then be grateful you have some work that keeps you out of trouble and in fact rewards you for the effort.
  • Dispassionately look at your work and find as many reasons as possible to be appreciative / thankful for the work you do. E.g. A heart surgeon has greater respect in society than a pathologist who conducts autopsies. Yet there must be some motivation for people to choose to be a pathologist
  • DO also remember that, it is human nature to be craving for more and the rewards of work rarely satisfy most people. So while you must seek to be rewarded more for the better work you do, do not forget that better work means more effort.
Perhaps now, you have a better appreciation that WORK is a actually a wonderful Way Of Rewarding Knowledge!
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Thursday, October 31, 2013


To achieve anything it is essential that one has a clear plan. Without a plan we may still get lucky and achieve some success, but sustained success and achievement is impossible without a clear plan and that means we need ensure that  Possibilities Listed & Actions Noted. A plan is a guide to a destination. A good plan therefore essentially means that one has to think hard, visualize possibilities and alternatives, crystallize a clear goal and outline intermediate steps to attain the goal. The plan also ensures that our focus is on the goal, we are aware of slip ups and deviations and we can then consciously take corrective action. 

We must be aware that most times we do not plan because it takes effort, the possibilities seem daunting and we fear making the commitment. However, what we fail to appreciate are the benefits that accrue from having a well laid out plan. To begin with there is clarity. We know the destination and we can chalk out the route map. Proper plans build in milestones so as to ensure we are on the right road and that we are keeping pace with the time allotted without overshooting the budgets. The best plans also have sufficient time and fiscal cushions inbuilt so that exigencies can be taken care of. Plans ensure that we commit the right resources at the right time in the right measure to ensure the right results. 

Plans also ensure savings in money and time. Early bird pricing is a simple example of how those who plan and commit themselves can benefit monetarily by making early bird payments. With a finely tuned plan, one can juggle priorities and even find the time for personal pursuits be it a hobby or recreational activity. With proper plans put in place, one can also go for more sophisticated savings implementation like Just In Time production and zero defect production. Smooth operations, minimizing crisis, managing crisis if any, collapsing execution time frames are some additional benefits of good plans. 

On a day to day basis even drawing up a list of jobs to be done is a plan albeit a crude one. Maintaining a diary and scheduling appointments and assignments enhance the quality of personal plans. Self discipline is an essential condition for chalking out and implementing plans. Take the case of specialist doctors who have their rounds of different hospitals and clinics well laid out. Without self discipline they would never be able to stick to their plans, manage emergencies and yet lead a balanced personal life. While every plan revolves around Possibilities Listed & Actions Noted the real value of a good plan lies in the manner we take action to ensure we utilize the full potential of our plan.

Action Points:

  1. Start planning and jotting down your New Year Resolutions. Remember it is never too early to plan.
  2. What are your financial goals? How do you plan to achieve them? Do you have a target for savings for the coming year? How will you invest the savings?
  3. Do you have a personal growth (physical / mental / societal / spiritual etc.) plan?
  4. Can you recollect 2 plans which fetched you rich rewards? How did you go about planning and what were the rewards?

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Monday, September 30, 2013


There is an old adage which reads ‘SILENCE is golden’. Perhaps the beginning of this adage could be attributed to our forefathers, the cave men who leveraged the power of silence the most when in the jungle. They used silence to stalk a prey and kill for food and they also used silence as a means to eliminate potential danger from animals and foes stalking them. Over thousands of years just as the cave men evolved the meaning of silence evolved and today we Soak In Life Eliminating Noise Clutter & Ego through silence.

While communication has progressed in leaps and bounds, from sign language to the spoken word to the written word and today through wireless technology, our senses are being overworked and fatigued by the sheer magnitude, variety and intensity of the communication tirade. As a result we now have to make a systematic and conscious effort to embrace silence. Putting the mobile phones on silent mode is a visible manifestation of the need for silence to be induced. With noise overpowering us in different ways, being immune to its wiles is not an option. However by being aware that noise is negatively impacting us we find ways and means to address the issue so that we have a better appreciation of our life devoid of complications.

Meditation is perhaps one of the most popular techniques used to leverage the power of silence. The Vippasana method is perhaps one of the most intensive and effective techniques of using the power of silence to connect with the inward self and to rediscover ourself. Whatever the technique, the essence of silence is cut out the noise in our life both physical and metaphorical so that we can listen to our heart, our mind and our conscience. This means we have to eliminate Noise which is sound from the physical world as well as the sounds of negativity, fear and loneliness which is psychological. Then there is clutter that is an outcome of a disorganized, confused and tardy style of lining and thinking. Lack of concentration, being easily distracted and flirting with ideas and thoughts aimlessly, are manifestations of this type of noise. Finally there is the ego, which time and time again rears its ugly head and manifests itself in one-upmanship, the compelling urge to hold center stage and a defiant and stubborn attitude.

Libraries are prime examples of how SILENCE is accorded a god like status. Have you noticed that you can focus better, widen the depth and breadth of your knowledge  and above all stimulate & recharge yourself in the library. If you were to extend the golden rule of silence in everyday life, you would be more observant, less argumentative, soak in a lot more and have people pay attention to you when you share your thoughts and ideas. This is because SILENCE provides both you and those around you an opportunity to Soak In Life Eliminating Noise Clutter & Ego

Action Points

  1. Next time you attend a meeting or follow a discussion on TV observe those who speak sparingly. How do they come across in their style of communication? Do they make substantially more contribution to the quality of the discussion/ meeting?
  2. Try to sit silently for 5 minutes. Did time weigh heavily on you? Were you able to control your mind from wandering here and there and thinking about a wide variety of issues?
  3. Watch a Charlie Chaplin movie to appreciate the power of eloquence emitting from that silent movie.

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Friday, August 30, 2013


Everyone has noble thoughts, good intentions and certainly the desire to be an ideal individual. Many a time these positive thoughts propel us into action and we begin with élan and panache only to falter, fail and give up too soon. For the vast majority our intent keeps the desire burning in us but does not manifest itself in anything tangible or substantial. The key to transforming our lives into the ideal and successful individual we intent to be, is in making a determined effort to COMMIT ourselves to what we set out to do. The moment we make that effort to commit to our plans and dreams is the moment we Create One Major Magical Instant Transformation

We fail to commit for a variety of reasons. Top of the list is our sheer laziness.  Sadly that is followed by our unwillingness to challenge ourselves, our fear of failure, our penchant for escapism to more enjoyable pursuits and of course lack of self discipline. If we delve into our school/ college days, many of us would make the regrettable and painful realization that our marks and performance were not up to our abilities simply because we did not commit ourselves to the rigors of studying for the reasons elucidated earlier. Despite this realization, we continue with our wayward ways and hope for some divine miracle or some chance success. It is essential to remember here that if you want to win the lottery you must commit the price of the lottery ticket and buy the lottery; no pain no gain is the simple principle.

Fast forward your thoughts to those momentous events in your life that made you happy and elated. Underlying each of those moments, there would surely be commitment made by either you or someone close to you to ensure those magical moments. It could be the first time you were applauded by your teacher or the very first goal you scored in a match. It could be a fancy dress completion in which you won a prize or the time you cleared a competitive exam. What is common is that for every little success you enjoyed you did commit yourself to the task on hand. Whilst other too would have made similar commitments, with a wee bit of luck and perhaps your special talent and ability you managed to taste success. There could many moments that your recollect where despite you committing yourself you were disappointed with the outcome. However you will never regret those moments because you know for sure that it was not because you didn’t commit that you didn’t win but for reasons beyond your control.

So how does one ensure that one can commit to something? The first is to decide what you want to commit yourself too. This is a very tough decision because many a time there are so many equally attractive opportunities competing for your attention. Remember Mr.V.V.S.Laxaman the star batsmen in the Indian cricket team. He had to make a momentous decision in his teens whether to pursue his academics and follow his parent’s footsteps and become a doctor or to pursue his love for cricket despite it being an extremely competitive sport. He did commit to the latter and the rest is history. Notice there was nothing common between the choices on hand for him.  Once you decide what to commit to, be prepared to give it your all. This means sacrificing a lot of pleasures, being self disciplined, being ready to face the physical and psychological pain, having the courage to fall down and get up no matter how hurt you are and being ready to shut yourself away from all forms of temptations. Does this guarantee success? Alas the answer is NO but it definitely brightens the chances of success because once you COMMIT you Create One Major Magical Instant Transformation and you will be a changed individual forever. 

Action Points:

  1. Take out your New Year resolution list or prepare one right away. It must have at least 3 short term goals, perhaps another 3-5 medium term goals and possibly 3 long term goals. For each of these goals outline at least 2 firm commitments to ensure your progress towards achieving your goals. E.g. If you have a long term goal of achieving X amount by the age of 55 list out how much you will save from today and where will you invest it. To arrive at the savings figure each month you may have to do a fair bit of calculations but that is all part of what you have committed to. Or if you have short term goal of improving your scores in the coming exams prepare a study time table and allot more time to the subject you are weak in or dislike.
  2. Can you remember 2 of your most passionate dreams? Perhaps it includes things like meeting your favorite icon or owning a fancy car or creating a mobile app etc. Now commit yourself to the intermediary steps to achieve that dream.
  3. Outline 5 of the most pleasurable diversions / activities that you love. (Partying / movies / TV / sleeping / chat / mobile games etc. could be part of that list.) Commit yourself to sacrificing 3 out of the 5 in order to achieve your dreams/ goals.
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