Monday, January 25, 2010


The cry of a new born is LIFE calling out aloud! At that moment, everyone without exception, experiences the power of  that new born - Love Inside Finding Expression. It may sound ironic, that there is JOY in that CRY, for it is the sweet sound of LIFE that heralds one more miracle performed by the creator.

When we reflect on our own living, we might be rudely awakened by the realization that most of are merely Existing and not relishing the true fruits of LIFE. If our day is merely millions of breaths devoid of pleasure, thousands of chores without any appreciation and tight rope walking between seemingly endless deadlines, it is sustenance that drives us and not Love that motivates. When Love is absent inside us, how can we hope to share it with others. The silent cry that is echoed in our vacant eyes, our robotic movements and our near indifferent attitude, is in reality LIFE throttled within us,  seeking a way to express itself in a smile, a touch, infectious enthusiasm and eternal optimism.

We need to ask ourselves if we are creatures of habit or enlightened individuals; fatalist by thinking or daredevils mastering our destiny and can we with hope, faith and confidence let go our inhibitions and LIVE our Love Inside Finding Expression!

Action Points:
  • Ask yourself how often you find yourself not in a mood, dejected, bored and depressed? If these or similar feelings plague you often it is time for you to share your concerns with elders / confidants/ friends and / or seek professional help. Very often speaking your problems aloud to someone helps you vent and clears your heart and mind to think and behave more proactively.
  • We often tend to magnify our problems and rarely acknowledge the gifts of talents, ability, intelligence and relationships we are blessed with. List out your most worrying thoughts and the most wonderful gifts you have. See if you can find a gift that can alleviate or minimize your worries. You will be amazed how many of your worries actually disappear and you can actually enjoy LIFE.
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Monday, January 18, 2010


See My Instant Life Energizer and I immediately realize that my SMILE not only transforms me but impacts every one around me too. A smile can set anything right! Beginning with my mood, it brightens the environment around, charges the people interacting with me with positive energy and paradoxically makes life in general a lot lighter too.

A SMILE comes free, can be given free and you receive it manifold absolutely free. A smile is the antidote for worry, the visible sign of happiness and the hidden reservoir of warmth and cheer. Nothing breaks the ice faster between strangers, than a warm smile. It not only improves the face value but it even touches the heart. A smile can melt hardened hearts, give hope to the despondent, cement friendships, be the instant peacemaker and the omnipresent lingering image of a Loved one!

Action Points:
  • Are you smiling in all your photographs- go check a few and ask yourself how come you were so happy at that moment. Many memories will come flooding back and you can again feel the smile on your face.
  • Can you visualize the moments that felt heavenly when you got some smiles - it could have been  the smile from grand parents, parents or the smile from your favorite teacher in school or is it the smile from your spouse to be, when you both first met or the smile from your new born?
  • Take up the challenge to smile daily at the most non descript people you meet – the cab driver, the lift man, the waiters in restaurants, ticket vendor behind the counter, the beggars on the street corner etc.
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Monday, January 11, 2010


FAITH is the axis on which a human beings life revolves. Without faith, wo/man would find it hard to face the challenges thrown up daily, by life. Ill health, unemployment, inadequate finances, lack of basic needs like food, shelter and clothing etc could easily terrify the average human being if he did not look within himself and is rewarded by Finding Answers In The Heart.

FAITH also has a unique quality in that it is self fulfilling and tranquilizing. Faith is not just about belief in Gods powers to come to your aide. In fact real faith is ones ability to believe in oneself, his own potential, his own inner resource to meet challenges squarely and reach out for the stars and grabbing it from the galaxy called opportunity. However faith is demanding; it is not as simple as rolling a dice and winning the jackpot but is more in the nature of planting a seed and nurturing it with care and attention knowing that the tree will grow and bear fruit. Faith flourishes best when it is liberally sprinkled with hard work, clear vision and rock solid commitment.

Go live your dream knowing that - Fear ends where FAITH begins.

 Action Points
  • Reflect on some of your worse fears and the worst consequences if those fears come true. Do you really believe that any of your fears will really come true?
  • Make a list of some unfulfilled dreams that you have and chart out a course of action to achieve them.
  • Every week attempt to do something you have never tried before - and enjoy the feel of achievement It could be simple things like going to a place of worship of a different religion, or attending a rock or jazz concert if you never have done it or it could be taking on a responsibility you have never taken on like organizing a party or picnic.
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Monday, January 4, 2010


ACT does not refer to the ability to emote and perform on stage or before the camera, but is an acronym for an even more powerful expression - Action Conquers Terror. There is very paradoxical English phrase' Paralyzed by Fear' which is the exact opposite of ACT. One of the most common fears is Public Speaking and the only way to overcome it is to get in front of an audience and speak. All the rules of public speaking will not help you, just as the theoretical knowledge of the laws of physics wont teach you swimming unless you are in the water. Similarly, if we need to conquer our fears, we need to make an effort to sharpen our abilities to overcome that fear and then plunge into it with confidence and enthusiasm. Confidence will ensure that your heart is in it and enthusiasm will give you the positive energy to succeed.
Never forget that there is a first time for anything we do in life . Success is not guaranteed all the time; yet we tentatively step into the swimming pool for the first time and boldly walk the isle at our wedding - the key in both cases is our urge to experience the pleasures that come with the ACT.

There is only one word of caution - don't confuse movement with action - a rocking chair is moving alright, but it isn't taking you anywhere !!!

Action Points
  • List out your fears or some of those passionate things you always wanted to do. e.g. going on a giant wheel, taking an elephant ride, eating with chopsticks etc.
  • Make an action plan to ensure that you will create an opportunity to actually attempt to enjoy these pursuits.
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                        Powering your Spirit to ACT Now.