Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Within the confines of one’s HEART lies the key to life in its physical form but more importantly life in its emotional avatar for it  Holds Empathy Appreciation Respect & Trust. The ECG can at best give an output that mimics the state of one’s heart in its physical form but the true nature of one’s heart lies in the manner and mode in which one is able to cope with the people, situations and feelings that one has to face day in and day out.

While emotions are never triggered by the heart, there is a predominately romantic feel in associating all emotions with the heart. In particular the more positive ones like love, affection, kindness etc are always conjured up as emitting from the heart while the extremely despicable ones like hate, anger, revenge etc are associated with an evil and stone like heart. Consequentially the good and the evil are both given some space in the confines of the heart; with the former occupying a disproportionately larger area.

Love is the most common emotion that the heart is supposed to be filled with. While a heart is portrayed as the most visible cliché of a romantic shade of love, what it does not fully bring to the fore are the other shades of love like love for family, friends, objects and things. What is even less evident is the reality that the heart if used as the epicenter of positive emotion holds a wide range emotions that give purpose, meaning and positive energy in relationships. Let us examine a few of these.

Empathy- it is the equivalent of walking in another’s shoes. Only then can we know where the shoe pinches and we can appreciate their view point and perhaps even experience what they go through.

Appreciation- Many of us secretly admire others but rarely do we take the initiative to express our appreciation. Pause for a moment and look back at the numerous times we have felt elated when appreciated by others. It is not that we lack the ability to appreciate but what we lack is the drive and the magnanimity to express it.

Respect – This is all about acknowledging age, experience, expertise and being humble. Only one with a strong upbringing and a pure heart can have this in ample measure.

Trust – The simple adage Trust begets trust should be the trigger to help us express our confidence and belief in others. It is possible that occasionally our trust could be misplaced and we regret our mistake. However, that should not be an yardstick to judge others for each person is an individual different from others and each one inherently must be extended your trust.

In an ideal world an ideal person with the perfect heart would be the one who Holds Empathy Appreciation Respect & Trust in his/ her HEART

Action Points:
  1. Here is a picture of a hear with a few spaces earmarked. Can you fill it up with other positive emotions that your heart possesses?
  2. Can you outline some other English terms associated with the stone hearted, hearty laugh, large hearted etc. How many of these terms apply to you? 
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Monday, February 20, 2012


In today’s fast pace world, the hurly burly of everyday life has resulted in two big problems for the average to deal with; poor dietary habits (fast food, junk food, excessive eating, eating at odd hours, too much of aerated drinks and liquor etc) and stress (managing work life balance, meeting deadlines, working excessive hours, coping with tensions and pressures etc.) The awareness of these two very dangerous ills in our life is the first step to managing them. While the obvious solution is to get control over ones diet and to attempt to de-stress, the harsh reality is that the sheer magnitude of the problem is hard to cope with. The third alternative is to attempt to Get Yourself a Makeover and go to a GYM regularly.

By being regular at the gym, there are three advantages that come to the fore.
  1. You ensure that the poor dietary habits are compensated for through a disciplined exercise regime.
  2. It helps act as an antidote to the stress that one is subject to.
  3. The body and mind are put in sync by the appropriate, controlled and regular exercise routine and the net result is a complete makeover of the personality.
Contrary to popular belief, body building is rarely the prime objective of anyone exercising at a gym. While many a youngster would under peer pressure and the influence of their heroes and icons beginning their gyming routine visualizing a muscular body, they often give up their pursuits for lack of motivation and their own tardiness. However for those who are more consciousness of their general physical looks and if that is coupled with the urge to keep fit the gym is the logical solution that meets their requirements. 

The real change that one experiences by being regular at a gym is in the manner we perceive ourselves; we feel healthier, feel nicer about our physical features and experience both calmness in our temperament and resilience within ourselves to cope with whatever life throws up. The positivity that seeps into our psyche transcends our being and spreads it’s aura around us and often makes a sublime transition into those we interact with.

Being regular at a GYM also makes one disciplined, enables one to slowly stretch ones limits and has limitless possibilities of toning up every part of one’s physique, strengthening one’s mental attitude and ultimately Get Yourself a perfect Makeover.

Action Points:
  1. If going to a gym sounds difficult, draw up a personal physical exercise plan and an objective to be achieved within a specified time frame. E.g. Go for a walk daily beginning with a half an hour walk and slowly increasing it to an hour. This should help me lose 1 kg in 2 months or do a set of yoga exercises that will make me feel more fit, supple and refreshed.
  2. Make a list of exercises that one can do during the work hour and at the work place that will supplement your need for physical exercise that you may not be able to commit to due to lack of time or the availability of convenient gym.
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