Monday, August 30, 2010


The true worth of a person is revealed in the SPIRIT that he/ she displays when the going is tough and the chips are down. It is in picking up ones self when one stumbles and falls on the highway of life that we See Passion Ignite Response In Time. For many of us setbacks and failures sap our energies, weaken our resolve and tempt us to throw in the towel. At this low ebb in life, we need to review our emotions, regain our confidence and pick up ourselves to fight a fresh battle. It is the SPIRIT within us that will ensure that we can focus on accepting the challenges posed by life and march on with a song on our lips and a prayer in our heart to forge ahead with renewed vigor.

When we are passionate we crave incessantly and it is this craving that acts as the fuel that fodders our desire to succeed. Passion also helps us remain focused on our goals and provides us the motivation to overcome all obstacles and impediments that prevent us from smoothly attaining our goal. In the process it is possible that we try in vain but fail to succeed in our mission and we get disturbed and disheartened. We may also be tempted to give up and pursue some things else in which our heart is really not in. It is at these inflection points that our spirit, powers us with a renewed energy and the spark to gather our wits, recoup our resources and relaunch our efforts to attain our goals.

In pursuing our goals, we are often required to respond appropriately to all situations be it encouraging or demotivating. When the going is good, we need to scale up our efforts in order to ensure that we go with the momentum and give the right thrust to our plans and efforts. If we slacken and hope that things will turn out right, we might overtaken by events or competition and our efforts could be in vain. It is our spirit that will ensure that we are always charged up and fired up to step up the pace. When faced with differences, difficulties and desperation, we need to respond calmly and coolly without giving into the temptation to rave and rant or pass on the buck. This is not easy because when the going is tough, it gets tougher to face the heat. It is the person who let his/ her spirit ignite the urge to respond positively and decisively who will triumph.

When we look around and see the numerous people who have overcome personal, financial and social odds and make a success of their lives, we see it as a triumph of their SPIRIT. The contribution of social reformers, freedom fighters and social activists is a classic case of the SPIRIT coming to the fore to sustain them in their agenda of acting as change agents for the welfare and development of society in general and the people in particular.  Believe in yourself and let your SPIRIT guide you to See your Passion Ignite Response In Time and help you succeed in your mission in life.

Action Points:

  1. Make a list of activities that excite you and a list of those tasks that you hate to do but have to because you can’t avoid it. The challenge is for you to find some motivation in those routine / boring/ disliked tasks so that you might have some passion injected into it. E.g. There are many men who hate to shave every day. If they saw the task of shaving as a key component of their enhanced features or if they can visualize themselves as exceptionally likable after shaving they would have a new impetus to look forward to shaving every day.
  2. Be aware of disruptive and useless passions that make you unpopular and / or make you ineffective. Make an effort to cut out those passions lest they become more of a handicap than an asset. E.g. Some people are passionate about forwarding every SMS message or emails that they feel must be shared. Or there could be others who are so passionate about their philosophical ideologue or sport or political views that they cannot help but inflict it on any and every audience.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


To attain anything in life one must STRIVE for it and that is when you Start Towards Important Victories Everyday. Often we are confused about how and where to being something, simply because the journey ahead seems too long and arduous. The bare minimum requirement for success is making an attempt. If we don’t even attempt anything, it is impossible for anyone to even remotely taste success. The beginning of any task is the when one actually STRIVES to attain success.

There are opportunities galore around us for us to take advantage off. Yet self doubts, a negative attitude and fear of failure hold us back from even striving to explore those opportunities. The opportunities could come disguised as problems, offers too attractive to be true or very simple openings that have tremendous potential that make us wary of them. What is really needed is an urge to explore chances that seem attractive even if we are unsure about the finer aspects of it. E.g., To get a job one needs to have a CV ready and float it to the right potential employers so that there is a fair chance of getting an interview call. Yet many a time we are casual about the quality an contents of our CV, do not make even cursory study of potential employers and reject possible employers on frivolous imaginary grounds.

Other times we fail to strive simply because of a laidback and casual approach, lack of clarity in our minds about what we want and worse of all because we find our efforts being thwarted by our own kin and kith. Sometimes it is our ego that blinds us to opportunities because we are unable to visualize ourselves striving to do what was never even remotely visualized as our calling. A doctor who wants to become a chef will be dissuaded by the sheer outcry from well meaning friends and relatives. Imagine starting a business as an undertaker. The reality is that death is a certainty so clientele is not a problem. However the profession is not viewed very kindly so we avoid it. Off late there are people entering the agricultural space yet they are seen as deviants for there is a rural bias and a down market tag attached to being a new age agriculturalist.

The challenge for each of us is to overcome the pressures be it self inflicted or piled on by others. To overcome the pressure it is imperative that we become more pragmatic, less emotional and enthusiastically goal focused. That is when we really begin to STRIVE and Start Towards Important Victories Everyday

Action Points:

  1. List out 3 bad habits that you want to overcome. Make an action plan to begin working on overcoming it. Begin today. To deter you from giving up the effort share your plan with someone who is equally concerned about you overcoming that bad habit and request that person to prod you, punish you and fine you if you do not stick to your plans.
  2. Outline 3 positive goals that you would like to achieve during the year. One could be a financial goal like savings, another could be a personal improvement goal like reducing weight and the third could be something for a social cause like spending time in an orphanage or old age home. Ensure that you are disciplined and work on achieving those goals.
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Monday, August 16, 2010


As children we are often encouraged by our parents and teachers to SHARE and this ensures that we Start Helping All Receive Enough. While some of us felt happy to share what ever we had, most of us were more possessive and declined to voluntarily share our possessions unless cajoled or compelled to do so. Ironically, almost all of us coveted what others had and felt hurt and miserable when we denied those goodies by those who were fortunate to own them. Whether it was a ride on a rickety tricycle or sharing a cricket bat or a piece of cake or some cookies, if someone else had it we felt the urge to partake of it.

The psychology of sharing gives us insights into our own mindsets and behavior patterns. Most times we refused to share because we took pride in not just owning something but took perverse pleasure in denying it to others. It could be the latest gadgets or toys that we might not even know how to use or enjoy but we got a strange pleasure in denying someone else the opportunity to explore the wonders of it. Sharing would also expose us to the risk of getting less of the object be it an edible item or less time to enjoy if it were a non edible item. Very high on our risk parameter is the risk of damage/ breakage or appropriation by the borrower. In fact if we look back there must b so much we have hoarded over the years without either using it or enjoying it and with time the object has lost it relevance or utility or has become outdated an stale. Look at the number of old LP records or spool tapes that we refused to let any one borrow. Are there some pens and stationary that we hoarded for use at a good time? Do you have books that have never ever been opened and read but never given to anyone to refer to either?

Now look back at the times when you were the beneficiary of the largesse of some kind friend or understanding elders who let you partake of something that you could never have owned. Perhaps it was learning to cycle on a friend’s bicycle which you fell of from numerous times scraping yourself and damaging the cycle too. The pain of the fall must have long been forgotten but the pleasure of cycling still triggers a warm feeling inside. Imagine you looking longingly at a doll or a ball that you so desperately wanted but could not afford but most surprisingly somehow your parents managed to gift it to you for your birthday. Also recollect the pleasure you derived from bringing wonder, surprise and awe on the faces of those who benefited from your magnanimous gesture of sharing some of your prized possessions. The most common item that one shares is books (unfortunately reading is no longer as popular today) and that apart perhaps you lend someone a suit for his first big date or a cherished cosmetic to a young lady on her prom night.

When one has to SHARE, it is important that we do it with good grace. There is no fun in sharing grudgingly, unwillingly or reluctantly for the feeling of bad grace pervades and dampens the spirit of sharing. It is equally vital that we share not just from what we can spare but real sharing is giving out of your little. Remember sharing lunch during school days, with friends who craved your mother’s special dishes and you let them eat it all, saying there is more at home for me when you knew that there wasn’t any left. When giving off clothes you have outgrown ensure that it is mended, washed and really presentable. It is worthwhile remembering that when you SHARE you ensure that you Start Helping All to Receive Enough and since what goes around comes around you will soon get your SHARE too.

Action Points:
  1. Make a list of all the things you have collected/hoarded/ stored which you do not visualize using in the immediate future. Against each item write down the name/s of someone who will appreciate it or make good use of it. Work out a schedule to share these items that you no longer need. Ensure that you have a big smile and a warm hug when giving these goodies off.
  2. Some of the simplest things that you can share include a warm smile/ a pat on the back/ lavish praise/ heartfelt sympathy/ a thank you note/ respectful acknowledgement / volunteering your time and efforts

The answers to the questions in the previous blog dated 4th August 2010 are
  • H _ _ n   (4)   HYMN
  • G_ p _ y (5)   GYPSY
  • M _ t _   (4)    MYTH
  • R_y_h_   (5)   RHYTHM
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    Wednesday, August 4, 2010


    There have many people who have asked me how I manage to come up with a variety of new and apt acronyms week after week. The answer is simple; you just need to THINK and that means one has to Try Hard to Invite New Knowledge. Last weeks post also had a small exercise as part of the Action Points, where again you had to think a bit and then get the answers. If you haven’t got all the answers make one more attempt before you check the answers at the end of today’s post. What is important is that one makes a good attempt at exercising ones grey cells before one calls it quits. Even more important is that we leverage our ability to think logically, creatively, rationally and philosophically to solve our personal problems; be it one of relationships, personal growth or the challenges posed by daily life.

    Logical thinking is what we are most familiar with since most of our lives we spend in logical thinking. We have rules for grammar, mathematics, science and we have similar rules of discipline, decorum and decency, almost all of it following a logical order. Our day to day life is overwhelming influenced and controlled by logical thinking. Most of the problems we are confronted with are first sought to be over come by logical analysis and correspondent logical answers. The problem with logical thinking is that it confines our thoughts to set patterns and it does not have a provision for emotion and feelings to be juxtaposed in the process. Our creative thinking is sparked through the softer side of formal learning like arts, craft, debates, essay writing etc. We nurture our creative thinking by honing the skills by being inventive in playing pranks, finding excuses to escape punishment, by being curious and making new discoveries which open our eyes to new possibilities and by pushing the boundaries of our established thinking into the realms of imagination, fantasies and wishful thinking. E.g. When one blows into a balloon we can inflate it. Someone wondered what would happen if we fill helium gas which is lighter than air into the balloon and suddenly you had balloons that could float in air. Someone decided to see if the balloon was made gigantic in size and filled with hot air if it could take a joy ride using the original principle of the helium gas and soon we had hot air balloons being used to soar up.

    Rational thinking mirrors logical thinking but it is generously sprinkled with abundant doses of feelings, sensations, humanness and if required laced with a generous helping of creative inputs. E.g. An eye for an eye logically sounds like a the most appropriate system to ensure fairness to a victim but to the rational mind sounds very barbaric. With a healthy dose of creativity we have established the judiciary system to ensure that the guilty are made accountable and the victims given fair justice. Philosophical thinking focuses on marrying the various types of thinking into a process of self fulfillment. Philosophers study, analyze, explore, and propound the ideal thought process that attempts to capture their understanding of harmonious day to day living. Human nature seeks answers to complex questions like the origin of life, the existence of God, afterlife etc. and philosophical thinking attempts to fulfill that quest.

    At various times each of us indulge in these varied styles of thinking. When we desperately seek answers we alternate between these styles rapidly and pick up the answer that suits us. Many a time the answers thrown up by each style contradict each other and confuse us. We are then forced to THINK and Try Hard to Invite New Knowledge that will offer us a clearer path forward.

    Action Points:
    1. Assume you are in a museum that has some of the finest paintings by the world masters including paintings by Van Gogh, Picasso and Rembrandt. Suddenly you become aware of a fire raging. You can save only one of those priceless works of art. Which one of those priceless treasures would you save? (This was a question posed by a leading newspaper and the best answer they awarded the prize to will feature in the next blog post. Meanwhile you can send in your answers as a comment to this post.)
    2. Here are 4 words in English which do not contain a vowel. Can you fill in the blanks and identify the words? The number of alphabets that make up the word are given in brackets.
    • H _ _ n   (4)
    • G_ p _ y (5)
    • M _ t _   (4)
    • R_y_h_   (5)

    The answers to the questions of the previous blog post dated 26th July 2010 are as under:
    2E and 1N on a F = 2 ears and 1 nose on a face
    S is B (Hint it is a well known phrase) = Small is Beautiful
    5 T on a F = 5 toes on a foot
    3 W on a T = 3 wheels on a tricycle
    B B B S & T T L S = Ba ba black sheep & Twinkle twinkle little star
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