Saturday, April 30, 2011


Undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures in the world that is available absolutely free is SLEEP. Roughly one third of our life is spent sleeping and that is the time we actually forget all our worries, get complete relaxation and possibly enjoy the most. The beauty of sleep is in the realty that we can indulge in it at anytime, it helps us recharge ourselves and it is an antidote for any and all worry. SLEEP is therefore Simple Leisure that Erases Every Pain.

The beauty of sleep is best experienced when one is really tired and exhausted for then rest is what one craves for. A good sleep not only relaxes us but refreshes and rejuvenates us thereby preparing us to continue our quest with renewed vigor and passion.  When we are disturbed and stressed, what we really should do is free our minds of the worries plaguing us. This is near impossible because when we are awake our mind is constantly juggling various thoughts and ideas most of it centering around the problem we are trying to forget. If we manage to get a sound sleep despite our anxieties, occasionally with the aid of a sleeping pill, it still helps us gather our wits and calm our nerves. Relief from pain is best experienced when asleep and that accounts for the prescription of sleeping pills for those in pain and for those who are sleep deprived or who are prone to panic attacks and depression.

Not getting a good sleep can be symptomatic of many ills. Some could be bodily ills manifesting itself in pain and discomfort that prevents one from having a good sleep. Sleeplessness could often be a very significant indicator of worry. When we are tense, anxious and confused sleep eludes us and occasionally when we do drift off to sleep, we have a disturbed sleep which really does not give us the rest and comfort we normally enjoy in a good sleep. Ironically sleep often gives us the space and time to delve into our subconscious mind and thereby often wake up getting innovative solutions to some of our problems, answers to some vexing issues and recoups our mental faculties and charges us up to renew our tryst with ordeal that we may have been challenged by.

It is ideally suggested that each one of us must enjoy 8 hours of sound sleep. This varies from person to person but anyone who manages 8 hours of sound sleep can feel truly blessed. It is essential that we do not feel guilty of enjoying our sleep at night particularly when told that many successful people can do with much less sleep. The quality of sleep one gets matters much more than the quantity of sleep. Catnaps is a technique of enjoying sound sleep for a limited time ( normally during the afternoon after lunch) which is the equivalent of putting a mobile to charge up for then we too can be fully recharged after a catnap. However the compulsions of modern work ethics do not really permit many to have this luxury. However, those who can indulge can experiment with it to check out its efficacy and suitability for your individual needs. What is essential to remember is that SLEEP is Simple Leisure Erases Every Pain, be it physical pain or physiological pain.

Action Points:

  1. Read up on catnaps and the famous personalities who effectively used catnaps. (Winston Churchill is one such personality). Try catnaps yourself and judge for yourself if it suits your style and requirements.
  2. Here are the name of characters of two different stories that have sleep as the predominant theme. Read up on the same.
  • Rip Van Winkle
  • Sleeping beauty
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Saturday, April 23, 2011


When we set out to do a task, more often than not our objective is to merely completely task. Of course completion of the task must be the prime objective but one must not forget that there are a number of other factors that come into play when we do the task. These factors also have a bearing on how we accomplish the task and how we are judged by our team members, peers and superiors. Our attitude, our competence, our dexterity, our self belief etc all come into play and if all these are well aligned then we actual give out our BEST which means that our Brilliant Efforts Stand Triumphant

To give off our best it is essential that we first orient ourselves for the same. Begin with a winner’s mindset accepting the challenge and focusing on not just completing the task but being ready to overcome any and all obstacles in pursuit of our goal. There are times when this can be a daunting prospect especially when we begin work on a long drawn out and seemingly complicated ask. It is at this point that we must begin the process of visualizing the end result, work backwards and identify the key intermediary steps, put the appropriate checks and balances in place and kick off the activity with gusto and grit. e.g. Attempting to give a competitive exam like a GMAT / GRE or Starting a new business venture.

Maintaining above par quality standards holds the key to us giving of our best. Reputation is built on consistent performance, excellent output and a no excuses policy. This effectively means that one has to adopt lofty standards which can be tough to attain, tougher to maintain and really satisfying when attained. We need to guard against any temptation to compromise on our standards, rule out short cuts to reaching our goals and be ready to pay a price to ensure that we get back on track in case we stumble or slip. One way to ensure that we do not deviate from our standards is to identify the right benchmarks to follow. E.g. Brand names build over time reflect the reputation created with quality and consistency. The IIT’s and IIM’s are a prime example of this. For individuals tags like dependability, hardworking, studious, humble etc. are quality tags that the world at large bestows based on their perception of the individual.

Get going in right earnest is the mantra that triggers us giving our best. Far too often we end up planning to give our best but most times we end up aborting our plans or merely attempting it half heartedly. While we may have chalked out lofty goals and a foolproof road map to attain it when it is time to begin the journey we find it hard to overcome our misgivings about success, our fear of overreaching, plant a mine filed of self doubts about our abilities and / or simply proceed with little vigor and even less enthusiasm thus just about reaching the goal with no feeling of ecstasy or triumph. It is only those who keep their doubts aside, fill their minds with positive thoughts, generate the spirit of adventure and throw themselves whole heartedly into the rough and tumble of the challenge who can give off their BEST and ensure that their Brilliant Efforts Stand Triumphant.

Action Points.
  1. Write down 3 of your passions that you have not yet indulged in. Now select one of them and outline an action plan to get going on pursuing it in the next 1 year. Put time frames and cost implications to ensure that the task is well planned. One year from today enjoy the fruits of your best effort.
  2. How will you tackle the following and give your best

  • You are a passionate fan of a sport and you want to ensure you get a ticket (which is in short supply) for the big finals of the game
  • You want to make your family happy by surprising them and doing something that they believe you won’t manage eg, improving your grades / taking them on an overseas trip
  • Identify the one weakness that you are constantly being a negative feedback about. Now how will you ensure that that you overcome that weakness and get a positive feedback from others about that.

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Monday, April 11, 2011


The MOON has always been the favorite allegory of romantics and poets perhaps because it is the Mystical Optical Ode to Night. It has a feminine quality that allures itself to varied interpretations ranging from sublime passion to the mysterious power that triggers irrational responses in human beings and nature. The moon has always been the focal point of many a custom, ritual and religious practice and thus has a significant role in the beliefs and actions of very many human beings. 

What is significant though, is the fact that the moon holds on to its own despite the sun being the king pin of the universe. It sends a loud message that while the heat, light and energy together pose as a formidable combination to garner attention, there is ample scope for the sublime, the calm and the subtle to make a deeper impact, draw attention to and profoundly influence those who are drawn to its virtues.  This means that there is ample scope for each one of us to make his/ her mark in this world by sheer dint of self belief and focus on goals. There is no need to create a splash, jolt the environment or overtly create an aura if one has the foresight to forcefully and purposefully charm, cajole and befriend those whom we want to draw close to us. 

The moon makes its presence felt when it is needed most and waits for the sun to set to make its own presence felt at night. In fact it actually collaborates with the sun and reflects the light from the sun to ensure that the nights are bathed in moonlight and thereby ensuring that there is a role for both the sun and the moon to play. We too can attempt to collaborate with those around us to meet social causes, push socially relevant agenda’s and act as change agents to improve the social, political and physical environment around us. Eg. Green environment is what the world wants and the establishment proposes through various measures. We as responsible citizens can actively practice it, propound it and encourage those in our circle of influence to also be a willing partner in the initiatives. 

It is the moon that brings life to the night; toe experience it see the shimmering moonlight on the waters, the hide and seek it plays with the clouds, the varied shapes and contours it takes from full moon to no moon and the romanticism that it sparks in the hearts of many. When we are faced with some bleak moments, unbearable pain, desperation and fear, seek out the moon within you and you will be privy to Mystical Optical Ode to Night that lends a cheer and promises us the dawn without fail.

Action Points:

Attempt to answer the following quiz related to the moon
  • Who was the first man to land on the moon.
  • What was the spaceship on which the first person landed on the moon.
  • Who popularized the moonwalk dance.
 For hardcore moon enthusiasts here is a link to a more scientific quiz about the moon. Click on the start button on the page to start the quiz.

For those wanting a little fun and relaxation here is the link to the Moonwalk dance popularized by the above singer cum dancer
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Monday, April 4, 2011

7 Leadership lessons to be learned from M.S.Dhoni’s captaincy

7 Leadership lessons to be learned from M.S.Dhoni’s captaincy

Magnetic Personality binds the team

Acceptance as a natural leader is perhaps the biggest strength that any leader can posses. With his down to earth approach, complete trust in his team members, personal standards of excellence and natural motivational ability MSD has enabled his personality to gain acceptance, get exceptional performance and reinforced self belief in the team.

Strategizes intelligently to gain the edge

Choosing the team is always a challenge for there are many if’s and but’s that constantly keep lurking till the last moment. Yet, MSD with his astute thinking strategises the team composition as well as game plan in consultation with the coach and senior team members. It is also evident that at times he has gone by his gut instinct to vividly visualise the end result and achieve it even if it meant taking some chances.

Dares to take risks that make the difference

Since strategies cannot be fool proof and a true leader has to be willing to take calculated risks. MSD has shown ample evidence of it when he has dared to play Nehra in the semi-finals ( much against popular sentiments and naïve logic) and took a chance with the temperamental Sreeshanth in the finals. In fact he was candid enough to admit that in the semi-finals he read the wicket wrong hinting that he did gamble in the team selection.

Humility is at the heart of his leadership style

You will rarely find MSD hogging centre stage; in fact like the perfect leader he lets his team members believe that they achieved it themselves. He has grounded him self with humility knowing very well that when the going is good he will get credit but when the tables are turned he would have to put up with the brickbats that often accompany the leaders job. In most pictures that the press published, of the winning team taken which was taken soon after the match ended, MSD is conspicuously missing or relegated to the background just reinforcing his humility in acknowledging collective team effort.

Operates unflappably to ensure that all are grounded

MSD is never animated nor excited no matter what the situation. This makes him an exceptional leader, for controlling ones emotion under stress is perhaps a rare blessing in many leaders. The calm manner in which he readily agreed to taking the toss a second time when there was a mix up in the toss, giving Sreeshanth 8 overs despite having alternatives, promoting himself in the batting order despite having a poor run with the bat are testimony to his maturity and temperament.

Never shirks from taking responsibility and giving credit

By promoting himself in the batting order he was taking a risk since he had a poor run of form but it was his belief that he had to take charge out there in the centre and lead by example. In saying that the coach endorsed his decision to bat higher up in the order, he was merely stating a fact that he respected the contribution of the coach Gary Kirsten and valued his sage counsel. Soon after winning one of his earliest statements about the victory pertained him being relieved from having to answer questions about team selection in case the team had lost thereby implying that he had a major role to play in the team selection for which he took responsibility.

Inspirational, instinctive, impulsive, intriguing style gives the winning edge.

In acknowledging Gambirs crucial innings in the finals, he was candid enough to articulate that he would have loved Gambhir to have got a century but that Gambhir had only himself to blame for getting out. Giving Sachin Tendulkar 2 overs to bowl in the finals in front of his home crowd was both a tactical move ( Tendulkar has often broken partnerships) and an impulsive move ( to let Tendulkar hold centre stage).In choosing to promote himself in the batting order was both an inspirational and intriguing move for it could have a backfired badly if he had got out cheaply.

Perhaps these traits when appreciated in the context of the competitive spirit of the game and the complexities of the evolving nature of the game would perhaps explain why M.S.Dhoni holds an iconic status as leader and perhaps one of the greatest Indian cricket captains who has put Indian cricket to a new pedestal to rank at the number one spot in all forms of cricket. Is there any more proof needed to acknowledge his contribution as a role model and leader?

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