Sunday, June 24, 2012


The DICE has had a critical role to play in determining fortunes and futures of both kings and paupers. Mythology too alludes to the roll of the dice in determining many a twist and turn in the evolution of mythological stories. Even today the dice has a pivotal role to play in many a game be it snakes and ladders or monopoly. The reason that a dice attracts such attention is because of its unique ability to Decide Instant Choice Everytime.

The beauty of a dice lies in its simplicity, it’s ease of understanding, it’s immediate, dispassionate and fair outcome (provided that the dice is not loaded). With an equal probability for any side to be face up, it is the simplest form of pure chance that can easily settle the question of the next move. The most common dice is the six sided dice. The limitation though is that most times it limits play to just six players / options in games. With the number zero not forming part of a dice face, using more than one dice too has its limitations. Despite these limitations, the dice has players hooked on to it with anticipation, intrigue and hope.

While flipping a coin can give a definite result for a simple two option choice, the dice offers an answer to a minimum of 6 choices. So rather than ask the question should I or should I not and flip a coin, outline at least 6 options and ensure most of them are options you wouldn’t willingly opt for. Then give a number for each option and use a dice to let you decide what option to go with. For students in particular, make a list of unpleasant tasks that you have to do but hate to and let the dice help you decide what to do. Eg. You have six subjects and you like just one of them, hate 3 and tolerate 2. Your problem is how to ensure that you study each subject regularly. Pick up a DICE, number each task and roll the dice. In the order that it comes, the subject is to be studied from Mon – Sat. While the DICE doesn’t give you pleasurable options 5 out of 6 times, it surely helps Decide Instant Choice Everytime

Action Points:
  1. Have you ever noticed the numbering sequence in a standard dice? Can you find the mathematical sequencing that is key to the numbering sequence?
  2. Can you outline the various games that you can play using one or more dice?
  3. Look up the picture of dice which are different from the 6 sided dice.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Much as we crave for simplicity in our lives, the pressures of everyday living entrap us in the snare called the rat race. As a result, most times we are chasing illusions of grandeur, richness, fame, power and position. To achieve these ends, we end up complicating our lives flirting with one dream and then another and occasionally tasting success but largely feeling it to be a futile effort. On the other hand it is easy to make life SIMPLE by just Staying Involved Motivated Passionate Liberated & Exuberant 

Those six words hold the key to a happy, contented, carefree and rewarding life. The first word is most important because we need to keep connected with each of the other five words constantly, unwaveringly and steadfastly. No matter what the provocation, never mind the temptations to stray, ignore the lure of easy success but commit yourself to the other five attributes in whatever you do and life would be a breeze; simple and pleasant; never seen but always felt; a journey that you look forward to every single day.

By getting involved, we commit ourselves and do not treat it like a passing fancy. We learn to be patient, determined and successful in whatever we are deeply involved with.
In being motivated in all what we do brings purpose and meaning to each and every activity that we undertake. There is an air of expectation that directs efforts and the fruits of labor can be tasted long before they fructify.
Being passionate ensures that there is a thrill that stimulates both the intellect as well as the effort. It also becomes a fulcrum to getting involved and motivated.
To be liberated is to be able to do one’s task without the tension of having high expectations; be it in terms of work content, work environment, the job rewards or the applause of others.
Experiencing exuberance is like finding nirvana every moment in every activity and in every result. The sheer joy and contentment that one gets becomes a privilege denied to the vast majority who largely remain discontented, unhappy and frustrated.

It is obvious that one can be SIMPLE by just Staying Involved Motivated Passionate Liberated & Exuberant. The crux of simplicity however lies not in experiencing each of the above in isolation selectively but in embracing it collectively in every little activity that we do

Action Points:

Attempt these SIMPLE tasks
Write down a proverb.
Tear a page from a note book and make a paper boat or an airplane.
Recite the numbers from 50 to 1 backwards.

Now to experience complications do attempt the following
Write a proverb and a counter proverb
e.g. A rolling stone gathers no moss.
A rolling stone wants to roll not gather moss.
Tear a page from a note book and prepare an origami.
Recite the Alphabets from Z to A backwards

Power Act - from is focused on -
Powering your Spirit to ACT Now.
You are also invited to visit our inspirational and motivational blog