Tuesday, November 30, 2010


For many of us tomorrow seems a long long way off and obviously the future seems light years away. Most of us are happy simply enjoying the moment and possibly reminiscing about the past and would prefer to merely visualize the future as an unavoidable necessity but a welcome one if it has good tidings to bear. What we don’t really factor in, is the reality that the FUTURE is here and we would be better off if we can Foresee Unusual Trends Usually Rapidly Emerging.

On a personal level, the future offers us hope because it offers us the time, the opportunities and the benefit of experience to better ourselves. We can leverage it only if we are aware of this tremendous boon offered by the future and we resolve to use this boon with conviction, confidence and composure. The first step we need to do is spend time thinking about what we want to do in the future. What are our long term goals, what are the intermediary steps to be taken towards attaining these goals and what changes have we to bring in ourselves in order to cope with the future are questions that beg serious answers from us. These questions presuppose the fact that we are optimistic about the future giving us very positive results. However if we take a pessimistic view point about the future, the chances are that we would be reluctant to even dwell on these important questions simply because we have lost hope and therefore fear the answers. E.g Someone with a debilitating illness can give up on the future or cling on to the miracles of science to give deliverance and hence prepares for it.

On a professional level, we need to anticipate the changes that will impact us because of the rapid pace of changes brought about by science and technology. If we are caught in a time wrap or we are unable to adjust to the demands of the changing world, be it in simple things like being tech savvy or more complicated matters as coping with complex investment products we would be completely overrun by the future. We cannot afford the luxury of ignoring the changing world for we are part of it nor can we brush it aside as being not relevant to us because the impact of the changes that come about affects each one of us. Often we ignore the changes in the mistaken belief that we are incapable of adjusting or adapting to it. The reality is that the changes that evolve in the future will suck each one into it and we either learn to accept it or we will perish.

It is the sociological changes of the future that will pose a bigger challenge for us to cope with, because these changes are more subtle, more potent and more unpredictable. The communication revolution be it the mobile phones or the internet have made social networking more popular online than in real life. The generation next has become more inward looking since they have the communication tools to experience the social needs without the hassle of having to socialize. Unfortunately, this has also made them more vulnerable to psychological problems of net addiction, depression, violence etc. There is also the social and cultural ethos that are slowly crumbling like the institution of marriage, the emergence of live in relationships, glorification of voodoo punks and heterosexuality. These changes too bring in opportunities and are also fraught with risks. That is why we need to accept that the FUTURE is here and we would be better off if we can Foresee Unusual Trends Usually Rapidly Emerging.

Action Points:
  1. Outline 3 major changes that the mobile phone / net culture will bring about in your life. Do you think your own productivity has been hampered because of the mobile phone and the internet. How do you cope with the pressures of these unavoidable technological changes.
  2. Assume that you have the power to make 3 major changes in your life. Outline the three changes that you would aim for and the resultant benefits you hope to derive from it. Now choose the first change you aspired for and list out the action points to actually attempt to make those changes starting now.
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Monday, November 22, 2010


The greatest gift we have is the PRESENT for it is a Prime Resource Emerging Silently Evolving Now Today. Today as your are reading this remember that you have not just this moment but the numerous moments that make up the day completely at your disposal to use in a manner that will bring you a sense of achievement, happiness and satisfaction. Each moment has so much of potential and it is available to us and freely and comes to us quietly with a million possibilities that keep changing moment to moment. At this moment a phone could divert your attention and you may move away from reading this post or a sudden thought of a pending job will lure you away from this post and thus does each present moment evolve.

The present is perhaps the most valuable resource that a person can be blessed with. It gives each one of us opportunity, hope and the possibilities of change which we can grab inured to evolve and grow. The present moment comes freely, reaches all and passes by silently neither drawing attention to itself nor holding back its bounty from anyone. These are the moments that one should grasp to make, enhance and mend relationships, utilize productively to grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually and materialistically and to bring about change within our selves, the environment around and positively influence the people who we come in contact with directly or indirectly.

To make the best use of the present, it is essential that one is aware of the tremendous power that each moment carries. This awareness will make us ponder, plan and put to use the moments as they charge in. When we ponder over how to use the present we can clarify to ourselves the priorities to be assigned to each moment and thereby evolves a plan. Many of us often ignore this step because it involves us making a systematic study and a firm commitment. We prefer to live moment to moment and therein lies the root cause of our many frustrations, failures and fears. By planning we have systematically put in place the perfect net to catch each moment lest they go waste. The moment caught is useless if we do not proactively utilize it for our own growth and the general good of the society and the environment at large.

Look at your watch or a clock ticking away now. Ask yourself if this is the present moment that had to be utilized in reading this post? If you think you had to do something else at the present moment, you would be feeling a touch guilty; else you would feel that it was the best use of the present that you have made. It is when we can see the PRESENT as a gift from the almighty, that we would value it more and take greater care of it, for it then dawns on us that it is a Prime Resource Emerging Silently Evolving Now Today.

Action Points:
  1. Assuming that 8 hours is for sleeping, broadly outline the major constituents of your time usage for the remaining 16 hours in the day under the following categories
  • Personal time
  • Time at work
  • Social Time
  • Family Time
  1. Procrastination (the habit of postponing things) is one of the major evils that rob us of the present. Right now, jot down at least three learning points from the above post that you would like to implement. Do not give any excuse for not jotting down points because the excuses are the cancer cells that spread the disease of procrastination. If possible also write down your action plan to implement the points jotted down by you. (Now experience the pleasure of having utilized the present very fruitfully)
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


When we look back on the days gone by, we are overcome with a wide range of emotions. There could be wonderful memories of very happy times and that could be suddenly tempered by some memories of very sad and distressing moments. We can recollect moments of pure ecstasy and recount some of the very scary and fearful moments too. A peep into the past could also trigger those deeply etched moments of tenderness and affection and there could be some starkly contrasting remembrances of embarrassment and humiliation. All in all when we look back at the PAST we see Poignant Associations Standing Testimony to it.

It is commonly spoken of the past as ‘those good old days’ and the younger generation wonder what was so good about those days, which by today’s standards were so primitive and tough. Imagine the past with no computers, no technology, not TV, no mobiles. Imagine a past with no cars, no mechanization, no electricity and no democracy. That our forefather survived the ravages of famine, floods, small pox and similar numerous illnesses seem like a miracle. When seen against the backdrop of the primitive technology that prevailed then, the lack of medical awareness and rampant illiteracy it is very hard to comprehend those times as wonderful days of the past.

Those good old days were times when divorce was a word that was never even coined; where family meant grandparents, uncle aunts, children of all ages all happily living under one roof. In times of great joy and tragedy, family included the whole village who would joyously celebrate and emotionally mourn giving us the comfort of sheer numbers to share our joys and sorrows with. The tough lessons learnt in the school called life, enabled us to get more than just a simple learning; it gave each one an education in living. Life was less complicated, more intimate, by and large stress free and definitely good.

As an individual, the good old days bring forth the nostalgia of the love and affection showered by our parents, our uncles and aunts, our cousins, our neighbors and friends. It triggers a void that we feel of our carefree days in school and college, the pranks, mischief we indulged in and the pride of our accomplishments overwhelm us. There could also be some bitter sweet memories of our first love, our first kiss our broken affairs, our crushes and the punishments and shouting we were subject too. The memories come flooding in and most times we are overcome with emotions about the wonder of those days that will never come back. Yet we revel in slipping often into the PAST for there are Poignant Associations Standing Testimony to it.

Action Points:
  1. Make a collage of your old photographs. You can scan it and even make a power point presentation. Try to give some appropriate captions and enjoy the experience of the numerous emotions that are associated with the photographs. Perhaps you can prepare one and gift it to your parents who celebrate their 25th /30th/40th/50th wedding anniversary. Maybe you can give a memorable collage as my niece did for her older sisters 18th birthday gift.
  2. Take a walk down memory lane and write down the following:

  • The best gift that anyone ever gave you.
  • The worst mistake you ever made
  • The saddest moment of your life
  • The biggest surprise you ever got
  • The best festival/ wedding/birthday celebration you ever attended
  • The one act someone did for you that touched you very very deeply
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Diwali the festival of lights is not just a colorful and vibrant festival but is a celebration that transcends all divides of color, caste, religion, sex, race and any form of inequality. It is very significant that the festival is symbolically characterized by illumination of light, which in many ways helps us see things better, adds color to the environment and spreads cheer all around. When we reflect on this we can clearly see that LIGHT is easily identified as Lovingly Illuminating Gods Heavenly Touch.

Significantly, we use the word light in varied contexts, all of which have a very positive and have a very constructive meaning. One can light up the home or darkened place with the light and one can point to someone we love deeply and say he/ she is the light of our life. Spreading knowledge is equivalent to spreading light. The obvious conclusion one can draw is that light has that special touch that makes it so precious for everyone of us. While sunlight was always taken for granted, moonlight has always evoked romantic ideas, been the ephemeral symbol of love and has been the source of light for savage man during the nights, long before he discovered fire as another source of light. Both the SUN and the MOON have been light sources that stand Eternal testimony to the reality, that they Lovingly Illuminate Gods Heavenly Touch.

The stars have also long fascinated the human race. Over thousands of years, star gazers have used that light source to identify a pattern in God’s plan for this universe. With the constellations illuminating the sky and the North Star guiding the lost way farer and seafarer, the light source became the dominant sign post that celebrated the wonder of God’s creation called night. The distinctive pattern of the star has also made it the obvious choice to represent light on all festive occasions in almost all countries and cultures. 

LIGHT in the form of lit candles or lit lamps, is still the most important item in any auspicious and significant event be it a religious event, a cultural event or a simple birthday. Candle light vigils add to the solemnity of a tragedy and when used in protests signify the abiding pain of the protestors. Notice that the interplay of light is used to convey more than what words can; it is used to denote a connect with our ancient past where fire source was the first artificially created light source, it represents a continuity with tradition despite the progress of mankind and the use of modern laser light based shows as also the laser based technologically advanced medical treatments showcase the immense potential and power of light. It simply reinforces our belief therefore that LIGHT Lovingly Illuminates Gods Heavenly Touch.

Action Points:
  1. Draw a star with as many corners as the number of alphabets in your first name. eg. JACK has five alphabets. So draw a star with 4 corners. If the name is AUGUSTINE draw a star with 9 corners. Starting with the top most point enter the alphabets of your name in order going clockwise. This is a personal star of honor you have designed for your self and as tribute to your personal efforts and individual personality.
  2. On a clear night spend some time trying to identify the patterns formed by the stars. Take the help of some professional star watchers too and appreciate the wonder of nature and the power in those small twinkling lights millions of light years away. Also look out for the full moon nights and appreciate it. Switch off the lights and then light different types of candles and see the effect of the light. Go for a candle light dinner and enjoy the ambience and the setting whilst enjoying the dinner.  
  3. In a dark room light a candle and then using the shadows formed by your hands and fingers create images on the wall. Also do a YOU TUBE search to see  how skilled people can use the interplay of light and shadows to create wonders.
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