Monday, November 22, 2010


The greatest gift we have is the PRESENT for it is a Prime Resource Emerging Silently Evolving Now Today. Today as your are reading this remember that you have not just this moment but the numerous moments that make up the day completely at your disposal to use in a manner that will bring you a sense of achievement, happiness and satisfaction. Each moment has so much of potential and it is available to us and freely and comes to us quietly with a million possibilities that keep changing moment to moment. At this moment a phone could divert your attention and you may move away from reading this post or a sudden thought of a pending job will lure you away from this post and thus does each present moment evolve.

The present is perhaps the most valuable resource that a person can be blessed with. It gives each one of us opportunity, hope and the possibilities of change which we can grab inured to evolve and grow. The present moment comes freely, reaches all and passes by silently neither drawing attention to itself nor holding back its bounty from anyone. These are the moments that one should grasp to make, enhance and mend relationships, utilize productively to grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually and materialistically and to bring about change within our selves, the environment around and positively influence the people who we come in contact with directly or indirectly.

To make the best use of the present, it is essential that one is aware of the tremendous power that each moment carries. This awareness will make us ponder, plan and put to use the moments as they charge in. When we ponder over how to use the present we can clarify to ourselves the priorities to be assigned to each moment and thereby evolves a plan. Many of us often ignore this step because it involves us making a systematic study and a firm commitment. We prefer to live moment to moment and therein lies the root cause of our many frustrations, failures and fears. By planning we have systematically put in place the perfect net to catch each moment lest they go waste. The moment caught is useless if we do not proactively utilize it for our own growth and the general good of the society and the environment at large.

Look at your watch or a clock ticking away now. Ask yourself if this is the present moment that had to be utilized in reading this post? If you think you had to do something else at the present moment, you would be feeling a touch guilty; else you would feel that it was the best use of the present that you have made. It is when we can see the PRESENT as a gift from the almighty, that we would value it more and take greater care of it, for it then dawns on us that it is a Prime Resource Emerging Silently Evolving Now Today.

Action Points:
  1. Assuming that 8 hours is for sleeping, broadly outline the major constituents of your time usage for the remaining 16 hours in the day under the following categories
  • Personal time
  • Time at work
  • Social Time
  • Family Time
  1. Procrastination (the habit of postponing things) is one of the major evils that rob us of the present. Right now, jot down at least three learning points from the above post that you would like to implement. Do not give any excuse for not jotting down points because the excuses are the cancer cells that spread the disease of procrastination. If possible also write down your action plan to implement the points jotted down by you. (Now experience the pleasure of having utilized the present very fruitfully)
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