Tuesday, November 30, 2010


For many of us tomorrow seems a long long way off and obviously the future seems light years away. Most of us are happy simply enjoying the moment and possibly reminiscing about the past and would prefer to merely visualize the future as an unavoidable necessity but a welcome one if it has good tidings to bear. What we don’t really factor in, is the reality that the FUTURE is here and we would be better off if we can Foresee Unusual Trends Usually Rapidly Emerging.

On a personal level, the future offers us hope because it offers us the time, the opportunities and the benefit of experience to better ourselves. We can leverage it only if we are aware of this tremendous boon offered by the future and we resolve to use this boon with conviction, confidence and composure. The first step we need to do is spend time thinking about what we want to do in the future. What are our long term goals, what are the intermediary steps to be taken towards attaining these goals and what changes have we to bring in ourselves in order to cope with the future are questions that beg serious answers from us. These questions presuppose the fact that we are optimistic about the future giving us very positive results. However if we take a pessimistic view point about the future, the chances are that we would be reluctant to even dwell on these important questions simply because we have lost hope and therefore fear the answers. E.g Someone with a debilitating illness can give up on the future or cling on to the miracles of science to give deliverance and hence prepares for it.

On a professional level, we need to anticipate the changes that will impact us because of the rapid pace of changes brought about by science and technology. If we are caught in a time wrap or we are unable to adjust to the demands of the changing world, be it in simple things like being tech savvy or more complicated matters as coping with complex investment products we would be completely overrun by the future. We cannot afford the luxury of ignoring the changing world for we are part of it nor can we brush it aside as being not relevant to us because the impact of the changes that come about affects each one of us. Often we ignore the changes in the mistaken belief that we are incapable of adjusting or adapting to it. The reality is that the changes that evolve in the future will suck each one into it and we either learn to accept it or we will perish.

It is the sociological changes of the future that will pose a bigger challenge for us to cope with, because these changes are more subtle, more potent and more unpredictable. The communication revolution be it the mobile phones or the internet have made social networking more popular online than in real life. The generation next has become more inward looking since they have the communication tools to experience the social needs without the hassle of having to socialize. Unfortunately, this has also made them more vulnerable to psychological problems of net addiction, depression, violence etc. There is also the social and cultural ethos that are slowly crumbling like the institution of marriage, the emergence of live in relationships, glorification of voodoo punks and heterosexuality. These changes too bring in opportunities and are also fraught with risks. That is why we need to accept that the FUTURE is here and we would be better off if we can Foresee Unusual Trends Usually Rapidly Emerging.

Action Points:
  1. Outline 3 major changes that the mobile phone / net culture will bring about in your life. Do you think your own productivity has been hampered because of the mobile phone and the internet. How do you cope with the pressures of these unavoidable technological changes.
  2. Assume that you have the power to make 3 major changes in your life. Outline the three changes that you would aim for and the resultant benefits you hope to derive from it. Now choose the first change you aspired for and list out the action points to actually attempt to make those changes starting now.
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