Monday, April 11, 2011


The MOON has always been the favorite allegory of romantics and poets perhaps because it is the Mystical Optical Ode to Night. It has a feminine quality that allures itself to varied interpretations ranging from sublime passion to the mysterious power that triggers irrational responses in human beings and nature. The moon has always been the focal point of many a custom, ritual and religious practice and thus has a significant role in the beliefs and actions of very many human beings. 

What is significant though, is the fact that the moon holds on to its own despite the sun being the king pin of the universe. It sends a loud message that while the heat, light and energy together pose as a formidable combination to garner attention, there is ample scope for the sublime, the calm and the subtle to make a deeper impact, draw attention to and profoundly influence those who are drawn to its virtues.  This means that there is ample scope for each one of us to make his/ her mark in this world by sheer dint of self belief and focus on goals. There is no need to create a splash, jolt the environment or overtly create an aura if one has the foresight to forcefully and purposefully charm, cajole and befriend those whom we want to draw close to us. 

The moon makes its presence felt when it is needed most and waits for the sun to set to make its own presence felt at night. In fact it actually collaborates with the sun and reflects the light from the sun to ensure that the nights are bathed in moonlight and thereby ensuring that there is a role for both the sun and the moon to play. We too can attempt to collaborate with those around us to meet social causes, push socially relevant agenda’s and act as change agents to improve the social, political and physical environment around us. Eg. Green environment is what the world wants and the establishment proposes through various measures. We as responsible citizens can actively practice it, propound it and encourage those in our circle of influence to also be a willing partner in the initiatives. 

It is the moon that brings life to the night; toe experience it see the shimmering moonlight on the waters, the hide and seek it plays with the clouds, the varied shapes and contours it takes from full moon to no moon and the romanticism that it sparks in the hearts of many. When we are faced with some bleak moments, unbearable pain, desperation and fear, seek out the moon within you and you will be privy to Mystical Optical Ode to Night that lends a cheer and promises us the dawn without fail.

Action Points:

Attempt to answer the following quiz related to the moon
  • Who was the first man to land on the moon.
  • What was the spaceship on which the first person landed on the moon.
  • Who popularized the moonwalk dance.
 For hardcore moon enthusiasts here is a link to a more scientific quiz about the moon. Click on the start button on the page to start the quiz.

For those wanting a little fun and relaxation here is the link to the Moonwalk dance popularized by the above singer cum dancer
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