Tuesday, August 24, 2010


To attain anything in life one must STRIVE for it and that is when you Start Towards Important Victories Everyday. Often we are confused about how and where to being something, simply because the journey ahead seems too long and arduous. The bare minimum requirement for success is making an attempt. If we don’t even attempt anything, it is impossible for anyone to even remotely taste success. The beginning of any task is the when one actually STRIVES to attain success.

There are opportunities galore around us for us to take advantage off. Yet self doubts, a negative attitude and fear of failure hold us back from even striving to explore those opportunities. The opportunities could come disguised as problems, offers too attractive to be true or very simple openings that have tremendous potential that make us wary of them. What is really needed is an urge to explore chances that seem attractive even if we are unsure about the finer aspects of it. E.g., To get a job one needs to have a CV ready and float it to the right potential employers so that there is a fair chance of getting an interview call. Yet many a time we are casual about the quality an contents of our CV, do not make even cursory study of potential employers and reject possible employers on frivolous imaginary grounds.

Other times we fail to strive simply because of a laidback and casual approach, lack of clarity in our minds about what we want and worse of all because we find our efforts being thwarted by our own kin and kith. Sometimes it is our ego that blinds us to opportunities because we are unable to visualize ourselves striving to do what was never even remotely visualized as our calling. A doctor who wants to become a chef will be dissuaded by the sheer outcry from well meaning friends and relatives. Imagine starting a business as an undertaker. The reality is that death is a certainty so clientele is not a problem. However the profession is not viewed very kindly so we avoid it. Off late there are people entering the agricultural space yet they are seen as deviants for there is a rural bias and a down market tag attached to being a new age agriculturalist.

The challenge for each of us is to overcome the pressures be it self inflicted or piled on by others. To overcome the pressure it is imperative that we become more pragmatic, less emotional and enthusiastically goal focused. That is when we really begin to STRIVE and Start Towards Important Victories Everyday

Action Points:

  1. List out 3 bad habits that you want to overcome. Make an action plan to begin working on overcoming it. Begin today. To deter you from giving up the effort share your plan with someone who is equally concerned about you overcoming that bad habit and request that person to prod you, punish you and fine you if you do not stick to your plans.
  2. Outline 3 positive goals that you would like to achieve during the year. One could be a financial goal like savings, another could be a personal improvement goal like reducing weight and the third could be something for a social cause like spending time in an orphanage or old age home. Ensure that you are disciplined and work on achieving those goals.
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