Monday, August 30, 2010


The true worth of a person is revealed in the SPIRIT that he/ she displays when the going is tough and the chips are down. It is in picking up ones self when one stumbles and falls on the highway of life that we See Passion Ignite Response In Time. For many of us setbacks and failures sap our energies, weaken our resolve and tempt us to throw in the towel. At this low ebb in life, we need to review our emotions, regain our confidence and pick up ourselves to fight a fresh battle. It is the SPIRIT within us that will ensure that we can focus on accepting the challenges posed by life and march on with a song on our lips and a prayer in our heart to forge ahead with renewed vigor.

When we are passionate we crave incessantly and it is this craving that acts as the fuel that fodders our desire to succeed. Passion also helps us remain focused on our goals and provides us the motivation to overcome all obstacles and impediments that prevent us from smoothly attaining our goal. In the process it is possible that we try in vain but fail to succeed in our mission and we get disturbed and disheartened. We may also be tempted to give up and pursue some things else in which our heart is really not in. It is at these inflection points that our spirit, powers us with a renewed energy and the spark to gather our wits, recoup our resources and relaunch our efforts to attain our goals.

In pursuing our goals, we are often required to respond appropriately to all situations be it encouraging or demotivating. When the going is good, we need to scale up our efforts in order to ensure that we go with the momentum and give the right thrust to our plans and efforts. If we slacken and hope that things will turn out right, we might overtaken by events or competition and our efforts could be in vain. It is our spirit that will ensure that we are always charged up and fired up to step up the pace. When faced with differences, difficulties and desperation, we need to respond calmly and coolly without giving into the temptation to rave and rant or pass on the buck. This is not easy because when the going is tough, it gets tougher to face the heat. It is the person who let his/ her spirit ignite the urge to respond positively and decisively who will triumph.

When we look around and see the numerous people who have overcome personal, financial and social odds and make a success of their lives, we see it as a triumph of their SPIRIT. The contribution of social reformers, freedom fighters and social activists is a classic case of the SPIRIT coming to the fore to sustain them in their agenda of acting as change agents for the welfare and development of society in general and the people in particular.  Believe in yourself and let your SPIRIT guide you to See your Passion Ignite Response In Time and help you succeed in your mission in life.

Action Points:

  1. Make a list of activities that excite you and a list of those tasks that you hate to do but have to because you can’t avoid it. The challenge is for you to find some motivation in those routine / boring/ disliked tasks so that you might have some passion injected into it. E.g. There are many men who hate to shave every day. If they saw the task of shaving as a key component of their enhanced features or if they can visualize themselves as exceptionally likable after shaving they would have a new impetus to look forward to shaving every day.
  2. Be aware of disruptive and useless passions that make you unpopular and / or make you ineffective. Make an effort to cut out those passions lest they become more of a handicap than an asset. E.g. Some people are passionate about forwarding every SMS message or emails that they feel must be shared. Or there could be others who are so passionate about their philosophical ideologue or sport or political views that they cannot help but inflict it on any and every audience.
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