Thursday, September 30, 2010


The one elusive gift that the human race craves for is PEACE for it is only then that one can enjoy Pure Ecstasy And Calm Environment. Peace comes about when there is harmony around and that is a real challenge because of the competing stimuli, the opposing ideologies, the nefarious activities of disruptive elements and the lack of trust amongst people. Peace is experience when we are stress free, guilt free and happy. This serene condition is a rarity for it is human nature to fret and fume over things that don’t go our planned way or because of the sudden surprises that fate springs on us.

To enjoy peace of mind one has to work towards ensuring that our value systems, our actions and our attitude is well synchronized and tuned to a positive, proactive and purposeful direction. By and large our genetics, our upbringing and our character would deeply influence our value systems. Our circumstances, our needs and our personal ethics would determine our actions. Our thought process, our self belief, our tolerance levels and experiences in life would have a major bearing on our attitude to life. It is equally important that we are clear about what we seek in life for then we can establish some goals which in turn would make our life more purposeful, positive and encourage us to be proactive. Peace of mind is a natural outcome of such a living. 

We can play a vital role in ensuring that our environment is peaceful and serene.  To that end we must ensure that the setting of the physical, social, economic and political environment is peaceful and calm.  We can play an active role as a vigilant citizen who champions the cause of environment protection, energy conservation and social hygiene. We can be both activists as well as proactive proponents who set an example for others to follow.  By promoting religious harmony, by attempting to bridge the social chasm by not allowing divisions on the basis of caste and creed and by pushing the agenda of national integration we can set the example of peaceful co-existence. We need to be conscientious citizens paying our tax dues diligently, be vigilant about how the tax payers money is spent and be active participants in the democratic process by exercising our franchise. By doing our duty and setting an example we can influence others and at the same time enjoy the fruits of a better and PEACEful external environment.

Ultimately we can enjoy the PEACE that we seek so much by developing our self confidence, standing up for our rights, diligently discharging our duties and setting an example for others to follow. We would then have nothing to fear, everything to look forward to and be optimistic about the future. With no cares and no fears we are left with the opportunity to enjoy Pure Ecstasy And Calm Environment and enjoy the PEACE that comes with it.

Action Points:

  1. Examine your own restlessness if any. Ask yourself if it is because of a lack of a goal, lack of self confidence or because of guilt. Rectify the errors that have been suddenly made aware to you. Do you feel the peace and calm entering your being?
  2. Take up a social cause eg. Environment protection or Energy saving etc. Find various ways and means to get involved in it. Be completely immersed in it as and when you can. Experience the joy and PEACE that comes out of knowing that you play an important part in propounding your cause.

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