Monday, January 11, 2010


FAITH is the axis on which a human beings life revolves. Without faith, wo/man would find it hard to face the challenges thrown up daily, by life. Ill health, unemployment, inadequate finances, lack of basic needs like food, shelter and clothing etc could easily terrify the average human being if he did not look within himself and is rewarded by Finding Answers In The Heart.

FAITH also has a unique quality in that it is self fulfilling and tranquilizing. Faith is not just about belief in Gods powers to come to your aide. In fact real faith is ones ability to believe in oneself, his own potential, his own inner resource to meet challenges squarely and reach out for the stars and grabbing it from the galaxy called opportunity. However faith is demanding; it is not as simple as rolling a dice and winning the jackpot but is more in the nature of planting a seed and nurturing it with care and attention knowing that the tree will grow and bear fruit. Faith flourishes best when it is liberally sprinkled with hard work, clear vision and rock solid commitment.

Go live your dream knowing that - Fear ends where FAITH begins.

 Action Points
  • Reflect on some of your worse fears and the worst consequences if those fears come true. Do you really believe that any of your fears will really come true?
  • Make a list of some unfulfilled dreams that you have and chart out a course of action to achieve them.
  • Every week attempt to do something you have never tried before - and enjoy the feel of achievement It could be simple things like going to a place of worship of a different religion, or attending a rock or jazz concert if you never have done it or it could be taking on a responsibility you have never taken on like organizing a party or picnic.
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