Monday, January 18, 2010


See My Instant Life Energizer and I immediately realize that my SMILE not only transforms me but impacts every one around me too. A smile can set anything right! Beginning with my mood, it brightens the environment around, charges the people interacting with me with positive energy and paradoxically makes life in general a lot lighter too.

A SMILE comes free, can be given free and you receive it manifold absolutely free. A smile is the antidote for worry, the visible sign of happiness and the hidden reservoir of warmth and cheer. Nothing breaks the ice faster between strangers, than a warm smile. It not only improves the face value but it even touches the heart. A smile can melt hardened hearts, give hope to the despondent, cement friendships, be the instant peacemaker and the omnipresent lingering image of a Loved one!

Action Points:
  • Are you smiling in all your photographs- go check a few and ask yourself how come you were so happy at that moment. Many memories will come flooding back and you can again feel the smile on your face.
  • Can you visualize the moments that felt heavenly when you got some smiles - it could have been  the smile from grand parents, parents or the smile from your favorite teacher in school or is it the smile from your spouse to be, when you both first met or the smile from your new born?
  • Take up the challenge to smile daily at the most non descript people you meet – the cab driver, the lift man, the waiters in restaurants, ticket vendor behind the counter, the beggars on the street corner etc.
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  1. Hi I am reading this article with a BIG SMILE.:) KEEP SMILING EVERYBODY.