Saturday, November 30, 2013


When we hear the word WORK the immediate thought that comes to mind for most people is that it is an insipid, terrible way of going about living. If these thoughts overpower us daily, our daily life will be hellish one. Rich or poor, king or pauper work is destined on mankind and we cannot escape that reality. Some may argue that the filthy rich need not work but look around and you will notice that they are working harder than most. The utterly poor including beggars also have to go about doing their work so as to earn, live make their life more comfortable and pleasant. Since work is inevitable, how about looking at life in a more acceptable way and see it as a Way Of Rewarding Knowledge?

The rewards of work are manifold. To begin with, work enables us to keep busy. If we did not have any work, we would in serious trouble since an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Work rewards us with learning. While it is true that we often do the job based on what we have learnt, the reality is that what we learn on the job is far more critical in terms of being efficient and productive. It also enables us to realize our true potential and perhaps even helps us discover shades of out personality that we never knew existed. The most important reward of work is that it leads to monetary gains be it salary or profit. Far too often we focus on the monetary rewards without applying our mind to the quantum of effort or quality of work we do. Perhaps this often leads us to hate our work. By and large each one is rewarded by work in a relatively fair manner.

The key to doing good work is in leveraging the knowledge one has to the fullest. This could mean that at times we have to upgrade our knowledge, seek out opportunities at work to find niches in which we can pitch out expertise and the truly rewarded are those who make work a passion of their own liking. Knowledge is never static and so while academics can provide crucial inputs to get us going being able to proactively improve and enhance value in the work done is what brings large rewards.

The problem for many is how to love our work. My suggestions are as under:
  • First accept that work is a reality that we cannot escape.
  • Next try and find a work that is closest to your interest, passion, knowledge and ability.
  • If you are unable to find such a work that matches all the above or worse still has no correlation to any of the above, then be grateful you have some work that keeps you out of trouble and in fact rewards you for the effort.
  • Dispassionately look at your work and find as many reasons as possible to be appreciative / thankful for the work you do. E.g. A heart surgeon has greater respect in society than a pathologist who conducts autopsies. Yet there must be some motivation for people to choose to be a pathologist
  • DO also remember that, it is human nature to be craving for more and the rewards of work rarely satisfy most people. So while you must seek to be rewarded more for the better work you do, do not forget that better work means more effort.
Perhaps now, you have a better appreciation that WORK is a actually a wonderful Way Of Rewarding Knowledge!
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