Tuesday, December 31, 2013


As I write this post on the year end 31st Dec 2013, I cannot but remind myself that this is such a unique moment; for with every passing second I will bid good bye to 2013 and usher in 2014 with fresh hopes and dreams. What is more  significant is the realization that while the event will repeat itself every year on 31st Dec. this moment when I writing this post will never mean the same ever. For this is my TIME as I write and your TIME as you read it and for you and me This Instant Moment is Everything .

The ideal way to ensure you utilize your time well is to ensure you plan well. Perhaps this is reinforced by the fact that we ritually make New Year Resolutions. If you haven’t done that yet, resolve to make the list as soon as you finish reading this post. When you make your New Year Resolutions it would help if you grouped it in meaningful ways. E.g. Personal Goals, Professional Goals, Financial Goals, Academic Goals, Self Improvement goals etc. To make your plan work well and help you achieve your goal list out at least 3 action plans and put a time frame to each action plan. 

It is assumed that you would write down all the plans listed above. It is equally essential that you  ensure that your plans are often seen by you. This means you need to display it in a place where you see it and are reminded of it regularly. Additionally it would help you to share some of your significant plans with family and friends who hopefully will prod you, nag you, remind you, push you and pester you about your progress on the goals. Sure enough you will find yourself spending your TIME very productively chasing those plans. Don’t forget to also review your plans and revise it if needed for almost all plans need tweaking and adjustment before they fructify into achievements.

On the other hand one need not get obsessed with TIME or else one would never enjoy a good time. Partying and relaxation is as important as achieving your goals. Taking TIME out to recharge and rejuvenate is an essential part of spending TIME for your self. Similarly ensure frequent time out for family, friends, socializing for as a social animal, these are significant moments that will ensure a healthy personal, family and social life. 

At various times each of us will feel guilty of either squandering time or being slaves to time. It is possible that there is some truth in this feeling of guilt for none us can ever be clock work in real life. What is important is not to let the guilt overwhelm us but on making the realization take steps to remedy the situation. This is possible only if one ensures that his/ her time allocation for whatever planned has ample time cushions. We get stressed when we fail to allocate time cushions for life is always full of surprises and we can never be sure of what lies in store. 

There are times when each of us have also gone through the agony of finding time weighing heavily on us especially when sick or immobilized or when one has lost his/ her job or retired. That is the time for one to be creative in utilizing your time. Think positively, find alternatives, rework your plans, don’t forget that 24 hours is all yours; use it well. Results may not be apparent or immediate, but patience is a value that is best taught by TIME.

Whatever be our take on TIME, no time is wasted except when we willfully become complacent, lethargic and indifferent to the value of TIME. After all we are all blessed with TIME as long as we are alive and that should also remind us that This Instant Moment is Everything 

So in closing let me quote Longfellow
Let us, then, be up and doing,
With a heart for any fate ;
Still achieving, still pursuing,
Learn to labor and to wait.

May EACH one of you blessed with ample TIME for growth, happiness and contentment!

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