Friday, January 31, 2014


Be it cars, bikes or the internet access, SPEED is perhaps the focus of attention. The human race has innovatively made speed attractive by having races for varying distances be it as a track event or a Formula 1 race or a motor cross or the horse racing track.  So why are we obsessed with speed?  Perhaps the answer lies in our competitive nature and our primal instincts Sudden Power Ensures Excessive Drive

The law of the jungle demands that speed holds the key to catching a prey or eluding being the prey. An old African tale illustrates it best. Every morning in the Jungle the Lion wakes up and says today I have to run faster than the slowest deer or I will have to go hungry. At the same time every morning there is a deer that gets up and says I have to run faster than the fastest Lion or I would be dead. The moral of the story is that whether you are Lion or Deer, come morning and you have to get up and run. It is however the speed at which each one runs that determines if it meets its objective. We as human beings having evolved, perhaps continue to crave for this primal instinct of speed.

Our competitive nature demands that we humans find ways and means to assert our superiority. While hunting as a sport partly let us indulge in our cravings, as we evolved, we found the need to be engaged in less risky activities. Horse racing provided owners to assert their superiority and gave the common man a chance to also lay wagers and participate in the process of identifying the best. At the same time competitive racing between human beings then became an acceptable means to a loft end of displaying competitiveness.  With progress and mechanization, motorcycle and car racing provided the human race to imaginatively and creatively test the limits of speed as is evident in improving lap timings where Sudden Power Ensures Excessive Drive.

However SPEED also tends to pose tremendous danger especially in the hands of those who cannot control/ handle speed. The human race is plagued with the performance enhancing drug menace but equally dangerous is the SPEED power that is touted by almost all vehicle manufacturers. An oft quoted phrase warning against the dangers of speed puts matter in perspective succinctly and it reads ‘ Speed thrills but also kills’. So while SPEED means  Sudden Power Ensures Excessive Drive, you must be able to keep that drive in check.

Action Points:
Check out the Olympic record and World Record timings and names of winners male and female in each of these categories. 100 meters, 200 meters, 4000 meters, 800 meters, 1500 meters, 5,000 meters, 10,000 meters and the marathon.

Find out the fastest animal and bird on the earth.
Find out who has recorded the fastest tennis serve in the world.
Who has bowled the fastest ball bowled in cricket and what was the speed recorded.

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