Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Our obsession with standing first in every aspect of life has often been both a boon and a bane. As a boon standing first is motivation to perform well, but it becomes a bane when the expectations are not correlated with the person’s ability to achieve the first place. However, this concept of standing first is based on the popular perception of what is considered to be standing first. In reality if we change our perception of what it means to stand first, each of us can achieve the distinction of standing first frequently.  To begin with one needs to view standing first as Foremost In Reaching Set Target.
Notice now that being first is possible when we can show improved performance for ourselves. This assumes that we have some objective in mind and we set about achieving that target in more optimal ways than we have ever done before. Assume for a moment that the best academic result you achieved was struggling to get a first class. Now if you target to get a distinction without really measuring the effort required, the probability of not achieving that is very high. However if the target set is to improve your score by 10% and then you set about diligently working towards it, any improvement over what you have achieved in the past would make you stand first as compared to your past achievement.

You can also view being first from the stand point of attempting anything new. Anything you do that you haven’t attempted before is a first for you. Here again you are only competing with yourself to overcome you apprehensions and fears about attempting something new. The first day of school, the first time you went on stage, the first time you participated in a race, the first time your drove a car all alone, the first time you attempted a dare the list goes on and on.  Then there is a first that brings in to play your character, your values and your ethics. The times you refused to pay a bribe, the times you refused to cheat in an exam, the times you stood up to tell the truth, the times you apologized for a mistake, the times you kept your temper in check, the times you pardoned some one who wronged you. Every single time you are able to resist giving in and taking the easy way out because it was against your conscience you achieved a first.

The thrill of overcoming the perceived risks, the exhilaration of achieving what you set out to do and the relief that you did what you set out to do are the collateral benefits that come out of you daring to be the Foremost In Reaching Set Target.

Action Points:

Identify 3 bad habits that you want to eliminate. How will you go about ensuring you manage to overcome it? So what is the first step that you are going to take and when ?

Name the most important value that you hold most dear to you. How often were you able to hold on to that value. Can  you recall an instance when you were gravely challenged to hold on to that value with succumbing to pressures from others?

What do you consider your first and foremost achievement in your life?

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  1. Very good tips good work keep it up..

    1. Thanks Shanti for taking time out to give your appreciative feedback.