Monday, September 29, 2014


Success is largely measured by how a person has achieved his/ her goals and surpassed expectations. This necessarily means one must have a predetermined target which is nothing but an attempt To Aim at Realistic Goals Every Time. This means that one must spend time in visualising one’s expectations, translate that into a clear goal and simultaneously draw up an action plan to achieve one’s target in the shortest possible time.

Pinpointing the target is easier when one is participating in a shooting or archery competition since the target is clearly outlined and the bulls eye clearly visible. In daily life, the shape, size and value of the target are hazy and constantly undergoing a metamorphosis. We are also guilty of looking ahead with hope, moving ahead with trepidation and giving up in frustration simply because the goal was hazy, our efforts half hearted and our self belief fatigued.

The challenge in identifying targets is because
-       We are not specific about what we want. Using phrases like very happy, large house, cushy job, peace & contentment, peaceful life, happy retirement are merely adjectives masquerading as targets. Targets are the specifics that will lead to the fulfilment of these platitudes and phrases.
-        we either overestimate or underestimate our abilities as a result we go after easy targets that do not give us the required momentum for success or we go after unattainable targets that would lead to frustration and failure.
-       We give up too soon partly because we do not want to put in the efforts required, partly because we misjudge the progress made and largely because we divert our attention to more pleasurable alternatives.

 One thing is certain. Setting a target would enable one to focus better, measure progress, take corrective action and get motivated to try till one succeeds. Targets will also provide one the impetus to take setbacks in one’s stride, be grounded when sudden windfalls are got and persevere till the goal is attained. So nothing can stop one from attaining success if one is ready to To Aim at Realistic Goals Every Time.

Action Points:

  • Draw out the sketch of your dream house.                                               
  • If you won a lottery of Rs.100 lacs (One crore) what would you do with that money.
  • If you had to save an additional 10 percent of your current income what expenses would you cut down on?
  • How would you get one additional hour in the day for you to pursue your passion? What activities would you cut down on or delegate in order to get this additional one hour?

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