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There are two parts that we shall attempt to understand when focusing on FOCUS.

From a micro view point FOCUS is all about Following One Course Until Successful. For almost all of us, it is the micro aspect of focus that we pay more attention to simply because it enables us to see quick results. Studying for exams would be the focus of parents and children especially when the exams are fast approaching. When one studies there is a higher chance that one would be able to do well in the exam and the results would vouch for the same. For this period of study before the exams, it is possible that one has sacrificed TV viewing, movies, social outings so as to ensure that one is following one course viz to study until one has successfully finished the exam papers. It is important to note that there must be this micro focus for every activity we undertake to ensure that we attain the results we seek. This could be as diverse as merely doing our daily chores, organizing a party or relaxing at home. The downside to focus is that, we can get so obsessed with the task on hand, and this is true of corporate executives and professionals in particular, that they are unable to focus on enjoying their free time or family time. So it is essential to balance our focus so that we do not stress ourselves out or pass on the stress to others.  This is possible when we look at the second aspect of focus i.e. the macro aspect of focus.

From a macro view point, FOCUS is all about Following One Clear Useful Strategy. This is not a quick and sudden focus as would perhaps happen when we are suddenly confronted with the need to quickly decide. A long term focus would be in the nature of a planned, purposeful and decisive choice. A student who is keen to better his/ her performance would focus on a clear strategy to improve marks, unlike a student whose sole aim is to do his/ her best by studying at the last moment. The macro focus of the student keen to do well could be on spending more time on the difficult subjects or taking tuition's in subjects that he/ she is weak in and / or preparing to ace the subjects he/ she is strong in. Notice that the strategy chosen is based on macro focus on attaining the end objective, whereas the execution of the plan is based on the micro focus. Similarly from a corporate perspective too strategy is nothing but a macro focus on the way ahead.

While both types of focus are essential, it is the macro focus that is most important in the long run. Remember Steven Covey’s 7 Habits in which he stresses on ‘Begin with the end in mind’. Macro focus is that beginning where the end is visualized first. Another way to understand this is-  macro focus is ‘Doing the right things’ whereas the micro focus is ‘Doing things right’. For the numerous readers of this blog, what is your long term focus as regards the benefits you wish to derive from reading this blog is a key question that will determine how well you use the new learning and benefit from it. Those with a macro focus would identify ways and means to leverage the content and profit from it. E.g. some would want to use it to improve their vocabulary / others would try to learn how the thoughts are expressed in a logical manner / some would just like to get some inspirational insights / some would try to rewrite and rephrase contents in their own words so as to improve their style of writing.

Self motivation is the key to achieving a sharp focus. Unless one is motivated, your approach to any activity would be casual, tardy and in all probability result in a shabby outcome.

Focus on what you want – then focus on how to attain it ; that is when you will be Following One Clear Useful Strategy and then ensure you are Following One Course Until Successful.

Action Points:

  • Go to a game center and play a round of bowling to get an idea of how your focus and your actions take time to sync. You could also try to play darts to get a feel of how it takes effort to hit the bulls eye.
  • Write down the 9 times table one below the other  – 9 x 1 = 9 till 9 x 10 =90. Now focus on the answers. Do you see an interesting pattern in the answers?
  • Can you focus on the following sentence and find the two completely different meanings when you use the correct punctuations. ‘ Woman without her man is a savage’

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