Thursday, October 31, 2013


To achieve anything it is essential that one has a clear plan. Without a plan we may still get lucky and achieve some success, but sustained success and achievement is impossible without a clear plan and that means we need ensure that  Possibilities Listed & Actions Noted. A plan is a guide to a destination. A good plan therefore essentially means that one has to think hard, visualize possibilities and alternatives, crystallize a clear goal and outline intermediate steps to attain the goal. The plan also ensures that our focus is on the goal, we are aware of slip ups and deviations and we can then consciously take corrective action. 

We must be aware that most times we do not plan because it takes effort, the possibilities seem daunting and we fear making the commitment. However, what we fail to appreciate are the benefits that accrue from having a well laid out plan. To begin with there is clarity. We know the destination and we can chalk out the route map. Proper plans build in milestones so as to ensure we are on the right road and that we are keeping pace with the time allotted without overshooting the budgets. The best plans also have sufficient time and fiscal cushions inbuilt so that exigencies can be taken care of. Plans ensure that we commit the right resources at the right time in the right measure to ensure the right results. 

Plans also ensure savings in money and time. Early bird pricing is a simple example of how those who plan and commit themselves can benefit monetarily by making early bird payments. With a finely tuned plan, one can juggle priorities and even find the time for personal pursuits be it a hobby or recreational activity. With proper plans put in place, one can also go for more sophisticated savings implementation like Just In Time production and zero defect production. Smooth operations, minimizing crisis, managing crisis if any, collapsing execution time frames are some additional benefits of good plans. 

On a day to day basis even drawing up a list of jobs to be done is a plan albeit a crude one. Maintaining a diary and scheduling appointments and assignments enhance the quality of personal plans. Self discipline is an essential condition for chalking out and implementing plans. Take the case of specialist doctors who have their rounds of different hospitals and clinics well laid out. Without self discipline they would never be able to stick to their plans, manage emergencies and yet lead a balanced personal life. While every plan revolves around Possibilities Listed & Actions Noted the real value of a good plan lies in the manner we take action to ensure we utilize the full potential of our plan.

Action Points:

  1. Start planning and jotting down your New Year Resolutions. Remember it is never too early to plan.
  2. What are your financial goals? How do you plan to achieve them? Do you have a target for savings for the coming year? How will you invest the savings?
  3. Do you have a personal growth (physical / mental / societal / spiritual etc.) plan?
  4. Can you recollect 2 plans which fetched you rich rewards? How did you go about planning and what were the rewards?

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