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Everyone has noble thoughts, good intentions and certainly the desire to be an ideal individual. Many a time these positive thoughts propel us into action and we begin with élan and panache only to falter, fail and give up too soon. For the vast majority our intent keeps the desire burning in us but does not manifest itself in anything tangible or substantial. The key to transforming our lives into the ideal and successful individual we intent to be, is in making a determined effort to COMMIT ourselves to what we set out to do. The moment we make that effort to commit to our plans and dreams is the moment we Create One Major Magical Instant Transformation

We fail to commit for a variety of reasons. Top of the list is our sheer laziness.  Sadly that is followed by our unwillingness to challenge ourselves, our fear of failure, our penchant for escapism to more enjoyable pursuits and of course lack of self discipline. If we delve into our school/ college days, many of us would make the regrettable and painful realization that our marks and performance were not up to our abilities simply because we did not commit ourselves to the rigors of studying for the reasons elucidated earlier. Despite this realization, we continue with our wayward ways and hope for some divine miracle or some chance success. It is essential to remember here that if you want to win the lottery you must commit the price of the lottery ticket and buy the lottery; no pain no gain is the simple principle.

Fast forward your thoughts to those momentous events in your life that made you happy and elated. Underlying each of those moments, there would surely be commitment made by either you or someone close to you to ensure those magical moments. It could be the first time you were applauded by your teacher or the very first goal you scored in a match. It could be a fancy dress completion in which you won a prize or the time you cleared a competitive exam. What is common is that for every little success you enjoyed you did commit yourself to the task on hand. Whilst other too would have made similar commitments, with a wee bit of luck and perhaps your special talent and ability you managed to taste success. There could many moments that your recollect where despite you committing yourself you were disappointed with the outcome. However you will never regret those moments because you know for sure that it was not because you didn’t commit that you didn’t win but for reasons beyond your control.

So how does one ensure that one can commit to something? The first is to decide what you want to commit yourself too. This is a very tough decision because many a time there are so many equally attractive opportunities competing for your attention. Remember Mr.V.V.S.Laxaman the star batsmen in the Indian cricket team. He had to make a momentous decision in his teens whether to pursue his academics and follow his parent’s footsteps and become a doctor or to pursue his love for cricket despite it being an extremely competitive sport. He did commit to the latter and the rest is history. Notice there was nothing common between the choices on hand for him.  Once you decide what to commit to, be prepared to give it your all. This means sacrificing a lot of pleasures, being self disciplined, being ready to face the physical and psychological pain, having the courage to fall down and get up no matter how hurt you are and being ready to shut yourself away from all forms of temptations. Does this guarantee success? Alas the answer is NO but it definitely brightens the chances of success because once you COMMIT you Create One Major Magical Instant Transformation and you will be a changed individual forever. 

Action Points:

  1. Take out your New Year resolution list or prepare one right away. It must have at least 3 short term goals, perhaps another 3-5 medium term goals and possibly 3 long term goals. For each of these goals outline at least 2 firm commitments to ensure your progress towards achieving your goals. E.g. If you have a long term goal of achieving X amount by the age of 55 list out how much you will save from today and where will you invest it. To arrive at the savings figure each month you may have to do a fair bit of calculations but that is all part of what you have committed to. Or if you have short term goal of improving your scores in the coming exams prepare a study time table and allot more time to the subject you are weak in or dislike.
  2. Can you remember 2 of your most passionate dreams? Perhaps it includes things like meeting your favorite icon or owning a fancy car or creating a mobile app etc. Now commit yourself to the intermediary steps to achieve that dream.
  3. Outline 5 of the most pleasurable diversions / activities that you love. (Partying / movies / TV / sleeping / chat / mobile games etc. could be part of that list.) Commit yourself to sacrificing 3 out of the 5 in order to achieve your dreams/ goals.
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