Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Plain Awareness of Intense Need is the message conveyed by PAIN.
When in pain, be it physical or psychological, the body and spirit screams for solace. It could be medicines or just companionship, empathy and acceptance that is needed but often quick relief is hard to come by. Occasionally pain cries out and seeks the need for rest, recuperation and relaxation, which are often at a premium for the upwardly mobile and success craving professionals.

While there are many cures for physical pain, a grieving heart, a lonesome being and an outcast have very few choices before them. Empathy, companionship and acceptance are the only cures and alas none of these can be bought over the counter. It is in these moments of an others pain that our character is tested to the full. Empathy is more than sympathy for the latter is feeling sorry for the other person while empathy refers to us feeling the pain of the other. Companionship demands that we be able to spare time and possibly our patience too particularly to be with the old, the sick and the infirm. Acceptance is unconditional love for another be it a leper, an AIDS patient or a destitute.

Sometimes the pain is never ending. Imagine the pain of deformed person, a victim of burn injuries, survivors of accidents and bomb blasts who have lost a limb etc. For them the reality has to be lived with and frequently they would fall into the trap of self pity. Self pity is nothing but self inflicted pain and the cure is positive thinking, acceptance of reality and a drive for achievement. They are motivated by their ability to be productive, their thankfulness for the gift of life and reinforcement of their self worth as invaluable members of society.

Reflect on the pain of rejection, the pain of being the butt of jokes, the pain of being scoffed and humiliated, the pain of being the target of sarcastic comments and the pain of falling out of love. Perhaps now you will realize that PAIN is nothing but the Plain Awareness of Intense Need
Remember: “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”
Action Points:
  1. When was the last time you suffered physical and psychological pain. Can you recollect the exact sequence of events or have you unconsciously blanked out large portions of it? Have you got over your psychological pain? Which pain troubles you more often?
  2. Do you think a smile, a courteous word and sparing time for people would be good antidotes to pain for people? How often can you do any or all of the above? Starting now, attempt to do it and make it a habit to smile and spread cheer.

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