Friday, April 9, 2010


Real Urgency Spurs Haste

Even as I write this post I have a got a message from my wife saying ‘Airfares set to rise, better move your butt’. She is referring to the proposed holiday plans in mid May which was decided around February end but the air bookings haven’t been done to date. Now her message has been a real wake up call and I will be forced into Real Urgency Spurs Haste to book tickets.

As is evident from the facts above, the RUSH could have been avoided if one is more proactive, avoids procrastination and plans well. While the basic planning was done, a combination of laziness and indecisiveness on the part of the travelers to freeze the dates and coupled with my own lethargy has compelled me to RUSH. This is typically what happens in real life. Most rush jobs can be avoided if we appreciate the anxiety, stress, trouble and expenses that are add-ons to the original problem when one tries to solve it in a rush.

Despite knowing all this, there are some avoidable rush which is man made and a result of human weakness. Our crazy to flaunt new technology makes us rush to get hold of the new techjazz and pay huge premium price for the products. The story is no different when it comes to seeing movies on the first day or occupying the first row for a live concert of a superstar singer. For those in the orient, their obsession with religion and their compulsion to abide by the auspicious dates and times sees unprecedented rush at the more famous temples and the river banks. The humongous crowds at the kumbh mela and the Balaji Temple at Tirupathi are testimony to this phenomena.

Medical emergences, unplanned happenings, drastic and sudden changes etc. normally prompt a rush, which is unavoidable. This is understandable and excusable but the response to this rush is also a test of organization skills, level headedness, leadership skills and equanimity. Handling rush jobs requires one to have a calm and cool temperament, an ability to think quickly and incisively and the ability to take charge and decide quickly. Ideally someone with hands on expertise and leadership skills will always be the star of an emergency and rush situation. Fortunately there are standard operating procedures now in plan place for various types of emergencies that require clear thinking and quick action. Fire drills, air raid readiness, disaster management mock drills are all designed to ensure that Real Urgency Spurs Haste without Waste !

Action Points: 
  1. Do you have daily, weekly and yearly goals and time slots for the same? If not immediately put this into practice. Keep monitoring the progress and review reasons for not meeting your targets. Also critically evaluate your own personal style, habits and work culture; you may find clues to areas of weakness in you that need corrective action.
  2. Some regular commitments cannot be postponed. List out the same. Eg. Monthly bill payments, regular exercise, shopping for provisions and groceries, celebrations of birthdays and anniversaries and festive occasions. Out of these what can be automated, delegated, better planned is a question you need to answer so that you avoid the last minute RUSH

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