Tuesday, April 27, 2010


When faced with a dilemma the simple solution is to tell the TRUTH for that is The Real Ultimate Test of Honesty. Unfortunately telling the truth is not an easy task though it is considered a prime virtue. When we attempt to tell the truth, it is often camouflaged with the mask of our personal perceptions, distorted by our compulsive urge to interpret the happenings and our tendency to be verbose, abets the misreporting of the plain facts.

While most of the above problems are the result of the human beings inability to communicate effectively, the bigger problem is when the communication is deliberately falsified either because of perceived threats, fear of retribution or to shield the guilty and occasionally the victim. The truth can also be very uncomfortable for many, for our indiscretions could be exposed, skeletons in our cupboard could come tumbling out, our carefully cultivated image can be scarred for life and the long arm of the law could catch up when the truth is out.

When the truth gets hidden, what sprouts is often a web of lies and more often than not, the people who spin this web of lies invariably get caught in their own web. The law of life will not let the truth be hidden for long and sooner or later the hard evidence will be laid bare and the bluff called. However lies are not the only way the truth gets hidden; sometimes the evidence is destroyed and it is near impossible to get to the truth. In other cases the facts are by passed and those pursuing the truth send up the wrong track. The most common method of destroying the truth which we are all guilty of is to look the other way and pretend that we never saw anything happening. This gives us the freedom to honestly state that we didn’t see anything while the TRUTH is we chose to close our eyes.

For the ordinary mortal, telling the truth saves him/ her the torturous mental tension of having to come face to face with the reality some day and in the interim, living a life in fear, shame and agony. When we are prepared to confront the TRUTH we are standing up to the challenge of facing boldly and squarely ‘The Real Ultimate Test of Honesty’

Action Points

  1.  Read the book ‘My Experiments With Truth ‘ by Mahatma Gandhi
  2. Play the card game ‘Bluff’ to get a feel of how tough it is to be dishonest with a straight face. Often it is your body language that gives you away when playing the game. Notice the tension you experience when you are bluffing. Also ask yourself what makes you like the game and if you don’t like it what makes you dislike the game.
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