Thursday, May 6, 2010


When we take PRIDE in any achievement we are giving ourselves Personal Recognition of Individual Development Everyday. Any achievement that involves us, makes us a shade better than what we were before the success, and it is but human for each one to feel nice about the success. Pride is essential to fuel the spirit, nourish the soul and invigorate the individual. A pat on the back for a job well done, a word of appreciation or a simple smile of recognition makes our hearts swell with pride, for we know that we stand out in the crowd.

It is important to realize that, we cannot let our success go to our heads or else we will swell with pride and like an over inflated balloon may burst at the slightest prick. An old adage states ‘Pride comes before a fall’; the obvious reference is to being so self centered about the success that we forget those who helped achieve it. While a medal winner in a competition can take pride at his/ her achievement, they have to temper that pride with the reality that, there are coaches and support staff who have worked almost as hard to ensure that success. Pride at a successful team effort is recognition of both the individual contribution and the collective team effort. It is important to realize that even the substitutes on the bench who may never have been part of a single game, take pride in being part of a team. This comes from the knowledge that it is their individual strength that made them an integral part of the team and if the opportunity had presented itself they would on the ground assisting in the victory.

Pride is not a momentry feeling or a feeling that overwhelms you at a momentous occasion. True pride is in the small achievements of every day living. When you dress up and look smart on your way to work, the little high that you get that makes you feel good and confident, is pride manifesting in you. The sense of doing good when you help someone in distress or the joy you get in wining a small prize in an impromptu event, gives your self worth a sense of recognition and triggers pride in you. It is imperative that we feel that sense of pride a number of times in a day, for that makes us more aware of the critical role we play in our daily life. It also makes us realize how each day that passes by has given us opportunities to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and PRIDE is this Personal Recognition of Individual Development Everyday.

Action Points:
  1. For a week make an inventory of the varied forms of positive recognition that we get everyday. It could be in the form of thanks from someone, a good job done recognition, a personal sense of achievement maybe for a job well done or meeting a deadline or meeting a commitment. It could be in terms of lending an ear to someone in distress or offering support to some one trouble.
  2. The next week make it a habit to seek out opportunities to invoke a sense of pride in others. The varied ways in which you recognized the pride in you will prove enough examples for you to return the favor. Be genuine in praise, objective in appreciation and liberal with your thanks. Ask yourself if you experienced a sense of pride when you invoke pride in others? 
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