Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It is the Smart Trends Yelling Loud Everyday that catches the eye and opens the wallets that fuels the STYLE euphoria. In a world driven by marketing gimmicks, trendy lifestyle and keeping up with the Jones’s culture, STYLE is the generic term used to describe the trends and the cool dude tag. If you think that style is the prerogative of the young think again, for it is the older generation that actively promotes styles for business ends; and the world is lapping it up.

The style mania gets its thrust from the big money spends of the big brands when they get endorsements done by the movie stars, sporting icons and the occasional celebrity from another discipline. The message is simply ‘you need to own this if you want to be seen and recognized in society’. It could be a hairstyle, the latest technological gizmo, being present at premiers or the so called exclusive events or just splurging on the so called designer clothes, accessories or event events like a birthday bash or wedding. The key driver of style is the high cost attached which acts as an entry barrier and preserves the exclusivity and puts a premium on ownership.

The most vocal critics of STYLE are the conservative older population who argue that most style is just cult following with little or no functional enhancement or utility for the price paid. They view style as an illegitimate offspring of the unholy alliance of corporate sharks and marketing quacks. The more vociferous opponents old the fanatical view that style is exploitation of the ignorant, through the subtle manipulation, using a mix of technology, psychology and sociology. Their most touted proof pertains to the relative short term life span of most styles be it the hippy culture, the bell bottom pants or the Marlboro Man.

The style fanatics on the contrary point out to the numerous advances made because of style. The move from desktop computers to colorful laptops, the wide range of mobile telephones using an array of technology, the changes in the formats of games from test cricket played in all white’s to the quick fix T20 format played in flood lights and in colored clothes show the range of styles that have borne testimony to the growing fan following. The proponents of style point out that style leads to innovation not just in the presentation but also through extensive use of technology, has a large mass appeal and will be improvised upon periodically depending on the market demands.

Style is here to stay; it will dominate the years to come for no one can ignore the Smart Trends Yelling Loud Everyday

Action Points:
  1. What are the Style trends that you find hard to identify with? Is it because they are too loud/ or is it because you feel awkward attempting that style / or the style violates your sensibilities?
  2. How often are you tempted to buy a new technology gadget because it is the in thing? Do you think the features of the new technology can be effective harnessed by you or are you just paying the premium for being called trendy? What are the most functional and useful styles that are in the marketplace today that is useful and efficient? Eg. Solar powered gadgets, fuel saving small cars etc.

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