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The normal tendency of human beings is to seek avenues and opportunities to earn. There is nothing wrong in people seeking to accumulate wealth as long as the means are legitimate. However if one wants to really enjoy the accumulation of wealth, it is relished best when one can Yield Enthusiastically & Accumulate Rewards Next. The small Y that differentiates the EARN from YEARN makes the critical difference in putting more life, spirit and fun into your earnings.

When you Yield to your passion, remember that you are doing what you always desired to do and work no longer becomes a chore but a daily romance. The difficulty though is to identify what ones real passion is and to have the courage to yield to it. What we find passionate may be disapproved by family, friends and society at large; all of them will constantly remind you that it doesn’t fall into the societal norm. True passion will override such objections because your heart tells you that you are right. At this stage you will come to an inflection point where the EARNing rings louder than the YEARNing. If you can cross that chasm with one giant leap of faith, you would have started on the ecstatic path of life that * Robert Frost made famous ‘I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

As any married person will tell you, finding the right spouse is easier than maintaining the romance for a life time. That is where the Enthusiasm comes in and provides the perfect mix, to keep the flirting passionate and the job on hand fun. Enthusiasm is all about eagerness, anticipation, expectations and the ability to see positives in every thing that happens. Once a person exudes enthusiasm he / she energizes himself / herself and transmits that energy into everyone around. It then becomes a collective positive and potent force that ‘ like faith, can move mountains’. Enthusiasm will pierce the clutter, create pathways where none existed, wager long odds and they will WILL the dice to roll the right way up.
When any one holds the two aces of Yielding to Passion and Enthusiasm it is merely a matter of time before one gets the third ace called Rewards. So the message is simple; stop looking to earn and add a Y before it and then Yield Enthusiastically & Accumulate Rewards Next.
Action Points:
  1. Make a list of things that interest you. Make it an exhaustive one. Now study each one carefully and whittle it down to 5 or 6 interests. Over the next week spend an hour at least on each of your interests and come up with at least 5 different aspects of each that you are really passionate about. E.g. Music is one of your interests. So is it singing, playing a musical instrument, organizing a musical show, compering the show or talent management that you are passionate about? One you have some clarity on you passions chalk out an action plan to make a career out of it. 
  2. Study the life and career of some of the well know people in your chosen field of passion. Pay close attention to their struggles and how they overcome these struggles. Identify the inflection points in their careers that sky rocketed their careers. If they have not been able to realize their full potential or burned out after peaking examine the reasons for the same. How did these icons innovate, foresee the trends, adapt to changes, care their own niche- study these in depth and you will have enough knowledge to arm yourself and conquer the world.
Just don’t forget that this post ignited your career to the dizzy heights that you are already visualizing now!

* The Road Not Taken – Poem by Robert Frost

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  1. A great post, the best part to me, is that all the writings seems original and not lifted from some where.
    Keep it up