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Even as I write this post, I can’t help but think about the varied feedback that I get for the posts particularly on the sister blog of this one To my mind the comments are actually their way of expressing themselves and giving me a feedback. More often than not they are appreciative of the posts and I value their comments because it is actually PRAISE a simple acronym for People Recognizing Achievement In Someone Everytime. By the way the number of followers who join in here, also signify PRAISE because they wouldn't be following if they didn't appreciate the contents of this blog.
Who would not like to be recognized?  It is a human craving and one that is rarely satisfied because it is also a human frailty that ‘we are quick to condemn but very slow to praise’.  Praise is not just an acknowledgement of an achievement or effort. It is going beyond that and expressing a feeling of personal envy, a sharing of regret that perhaps we who praise are inadequate to deliver in the same manner and an expression that you beat our expectations.  Perhaps that is also the reason why more often than not, we temper praise with criticism or give praise very reluctantly. We cannot forget that we also have personal preferences, biases and peeves, all of which have a bearing on the evaluation and consequent feedback.
What about the one receiving praise? The common tendency is to be extremely modest and state that we are undeserving of the lavish praise bestowed on us. This comes from a feeling that we are expected to do our best and so it is but natural that the outcome was good. There is also the possibility that we are still brooding over a minor glitch or bleep in an otherwise perfect act and that in our opinion overshadows the net effect of the achievement. The fact that we are taught to be subdued and humble in triumph, prone to deflect attention from us to others and not comfortable holding centre stage, adds to our distinct uneasiness, when the spotlight is trained on us and PRAISE is generously heaped on us.

Is praise a rare compliment? Most of us go through life feeling that praise has to be given only for some extraordinary achievements. Reality is that praise is the fuel that fires the spirit of achievement, drive and enthusiasm in any human being. Nothing spurs on an individual as much as PRAISE and we have ample opportunities to give praise every single day to almost everyone we meet. It must be genuine and not a put on act, with an ulterior motive of winning the others favor. You can praise a person’s smart dress sense, appreciate his /her punctuality and commitment, share with others a significant achievement or success that a person has attained or simply appreciate the warmth and pleasant temperament of the person. You do not require special occasions or significant moments to express praise. Simply calling up a person and telling him/ her that you missed talking to them or meeting them is PRAISE ; for you are saying how much you value them and their companionship.  A small miss you card, sending an email to a long lost friend and even adding friends on your social network account are ways of telling people that you praise them for being a part of your friends circle.
Action Points:
  1. Starting now pick up you cell phone or landline and call up at least 5 people whom you haven’t been in touch with over the last one month. Alternatively, write an email to 5 people with whom you haven’t been in touch but have always meant to keep in touch with. Check your social network account and see whose birthday is around the corner and make it a point to send a birthday greeting to them and if possible call them up and wish them too.
  2. How about listing out 5 of your favorite teachers from school or college ; colleagues or bosses from a previous work place or someone who has left your work place. Can you make the effort to reach them and talk to them or better still send them a small note appreciating their role in shaping your career / destiny.  Experience the pleasure you get out of it too.
  3. Make it a practice to PRAISE at least 2 people whom you meet in the day.  Sound sincere and not artificial as if you are doing it as part of a forced project work. Initially you might feel uncomfortable but remember you need to start somewhere.
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