Friday, July 2, 2010


When one has to deliver results the key is to MANAGE. Be it people or other resources, the trick lies in  ensuring Meticulous Aim Nagging Accuracy & Good Execution. The challenge of managing has been there since time immemorial. Right from the time Noah had to build his ark things have just got more complex today. Fortunately management as a discipline has evolved in leaps and bounds and technology has aided in making the process more rigorous and systematic. Yet at the heart of the whole business of life is a simple edict, deliver results.

In business, when judged by the yardstick of delivering results, irrespective of the scale of operations, the size of the activity or the complexities involved, we need to simply manage all our resources in order to get the results. Classical management theories have an acronym for the key management functions ‘PODSCROB” which when expanded reads as  P-lanning O-organizing D-directing S-staffing C-controlling R-reporting  and B-budgeting . When we examine each of these we realize that for the functions to work in harmony and tandem what is needed is simply someone to manage to each area. Yet if one has to manage each of these functions there has to be a clear understanding of the role of each function and the interplay between them.

Ironically the real challenge is for us to manage our own life. We are often caught up in the rat race and our goals more often than not, are decided not by us but by our bosses and customers. These professional goals often subvert our own personal goals realting to family life, social life and personal time. It is not that we do not have goals in life but compulsions of daily living have molded us to be subversive to the demands of our career. The conflict between our own ambitions and the demands of a career create tensions and makes our life even more challenging and demanding. If we objectively ask ourselves why we have so much of tension and worry in our life, we make the painful realization that it is because we are not able to manage our life.

Apart from the fact that we are subject to demands of work, society and the challenges of living, another important factor that we need to manage is our own goals. Unfortunately many of us have very vague goals and these goals are rarely tangible but often expressed as adjectives which are hard to crystallize in any manner. A good job, lots of money, a posh house, fame and recognition etc. are terms we use to describe our goals. Notice that none of these terms will mean the same to any two people. If there is lack of objectivity in the goal itself, how can one ever come to know that he/ she has attained that goal. Even more problematic is the fact that we can never manage a vague goal.

Instead of chasing imaginary happiness illusionary riches or perceived success, what we need to focus on is, identifying tangible goals for ourselves personally, professionally and socially and systematically MANAGE it through Meticulous Aim Nagging Accuracy & Good Execution.

Action Points:
  1. List out goals under the following heads: personal, professional, financial and social. Under each head there must be at least 5 tangible / actionable / progressive points.
  2. If married attempt a role interchange between your spouse and you for 2 days a week to better understand the challenges of each other’s role. If single ask a close friend or family member (parents/ siblings/ cousins) to tabulate a list of goals that they would set for you. Now compare your list and realign your goals if needed. Focus on goals that are extremely tough for you to achieve but something that you really want You want to improve your grades by 5% in the next exam but you either hate  a subject or are weak in a couple of subjects. You will have to now double your efforts or get extra coaching for the subjects.
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