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When we attempt to give a form or structure to anything we fancy be it a drawing, a sculpture, writing, communicating or even our thoughts and reflections we are in effect giving it a SHAPE which enables us to See How A Pattern Emerges. In order to ensure that we can shape our future and script our success it is important to understand how one should go about the process of shaping our dreams and turning them into reality.

Visualization holds the key to us being able to format a shape first in the mind, then on paper and finally in the end result. To visualize one needs to tap into all the senses, be vivid in our imagination, indulge in letting our mind run amok and rein in the diverse responses and collate it to get the first rough cut. The trick in visualization is to suspend judgment and not to filter our thoughts with any form of logical or so called rational filter. Instead just let your imagination run wild and explore all options, create magical moments and fantasies and capture and concoct the most improbable scenario. When there are numbers one can be choosy so the focus is on generating the quantity and then sort out and isolate what we truly believe in or hope to harness fully. Eg. Write down 10 social problems that you are deeply concerned about as a citizen.

Transcribing on paper is the perhaps the toughest part of the process of giving shape to our ideas, dreams, visualization and strategies. There are two possibilities at the time of transcribing on paper; the first is the plethora of ideas and the second is a complete lack of ideas. The latter leaves us with little option but to choose from the limited options. It is when we have plenty of options that we get caught between what to choose and what to leave out. Here we need to use a combination of filters to distill the best option. First is the filter of simple logic and screen for the option that is most likely to be a winner. The second filter is the filter of practicality and this could mean scanning resource availability, time constraints, criticality and acceptability. The third filter surprisingly is an antithesis because it works on the principal of gut feeling and instinct. Eg From the above 10 social problems that you have listed pick one concern and write a letter to the editor of the newspaper on the same. Whilst writing bear in mind the following questions.. What will your focus be on? Why should the letter b published by the newspaper? What is the impact your letter to should make on the reader?

Can you see a pattern emerging during the process of your efforts? Visualize a target board used in archery where there is a small bull’s eye circle with bigger and bigger circles around it. When you begin to transcribe on paper you begin with the biggest circle as your reference point and then you narrow it down slowly to reach the bulls eyes. However one hits the bulls eye only when attempts the shots. Similarly execution is the final step in shaping success. One will need to constantly rework and redraw until the bull’s eye is clearly visible and that is when one needs to take the plunge and execute the plans. It is when one commits that one can begin to give SHAPE to ones hopes, dreams, desires and passions and it is then that one can See How A Pattern Emerges triumphantly.

Action Points:
  1. Draw a target board used in archery from memory. Color code it too. Next look up the net and view an image and compare it with your own effort. Do you experience a sense o pride in your effort? On need not be a skilled artist to do the exercise, yet one can easily get a sense of achievement on doing the exercise.
  2. Attempt to solve the following. Let your imagination run riot and then rein it in if you want to solve it.
 (The first one is given as an example for you to understand.)
24 H in a D = 24 hours in a Day
2E and 1N on a F =
S is B (Hint it is a well known phrase) =
5 T on a F =
3 W on a T =
B B B S & T T L S =
(Answers will be given in the next post )

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