Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Look around and you will find harried mothers, exasperated children, stressed out business executives, tired workers and many listless people moving around like zombies. Perhaps you are one of these too and you are aware that you are not at your optimum best. A short reflection will perhaps enlighten you to the reality that you may be working too hard and that what you really need is REST and Recoup Energy Smartly & Totally.

The trouble with trying to rest is that many of us feel guilty that we are whiling away our time whereas in reality it is a way to unwind and recoup our energy. If our mind is not willing to accept that not doing anything and lazing away is almost sinful, going through the motions of resting becomes even more stressful, for it saps our mind and body because of the constant tension created by our own lack of belief in resting. Our discomfort about resting would often be a sign of our workaholic nature or symptomatic of a troubled mind. When we have too many activities lined up, take on varied responsibilities and are poor in delegating tasks rest becomes the rust that corrodes our compulsive need to be busy bodies.
There are many who really get confused about how to rest. To a certain set of people rest is all about vacationing but wanting to extract every moment out of the available time. They invariably plan out vacations designed to encompass extensive travel, sightseeing and long days at the end of which each passing day becomes even more stressful than the previous day. They return from trips more tired and haggard but secretly relieved that they visited many places but blissfully unaware that they didn’t savor the beauty of the place. There are others who are more impulsive and go unplanned for long trips and then feel cheated when they encounter reservation and hotel booking problems and come back drained and disappointed. Nothing beats the people who go vacationing with their laptops and files for they end up annoying everyone including bosses by their tardy responses and the family by their insincere pretence of enjoying family time.

Anyone who wants to enjoy the best rest must be prepared to switch off completely from their present activities. This includes switching off cell phones, laptops and any form of communication that is work related. The tougher part is switching of mentally from the work mode to a chill mode for we invariably end up worrying about frivolous matters that should be ideally left to the boss or subordinate to handle. While a good sound sleep is a wonderful way to rest, one can also indulge in ones passions like music, movies and reading to get the ideal rest. Learn to indulge in what you crave (in moderation if there are medical restrictions) be it wining, dining and dancing or being an occasional couch potato. Vacationing is a highly recommended too because it can also help broadens ones horizons and possibly promote bonding and self discovery too. If you have a group with you be it family or friends, ensure that you strike a balance with the plans of all those accompanying you. It is pointless ending up arguing and disagreeing when you plan to rest. Soak in the freedom, enjoy the bliss and peace, catch up on sleep and never forget to plug in to the ‘moment’ for that is when you really REST and Recoup Energy Smartly & Totally.

Action Points:
  • Name your 3 favorite leisure activities. When was the last time you indulged in any of them and soaked in the pleasure of it completely? Is there something that you wished you could indulge in but held back because of circumstances? Do you think you can work towards making that a reality in the next 2 years? Start planning for it and experience the joy of planning and notice how relaxing that is too. 
  • Given a choice between the following holiday spots which one of them would be your choice and why?
- A beach resort
- A trek up the mountains
- An idyllic locale in the country side
- A five star hotel located in an A grade city

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