Sunday, March 31, 2013

FEAR -has two meanings

I came across these intriguing expansions of the word FEAR and was sure it would provide an interesting analysis. Earlier I had written on the very popular expansion False Evidence Appearing Real ( and thought this to be an equally enlightening way to appreciate the context and interpretation in everyday life. 

Forget Everything And Run is something that everyone would experienced sometime or the other. It is the essence of survival else we would not have been blessed with it. There is nothing to be ashamed of by giving in to your fears for not all of us are alike and we all have our inhibitions, anxieties, quirks and phobias. However, we also carry a lot of false notions about our ability to cope with a stressful situation and that is when we need to ensure that our fear is not irrational, unsubstantiated or unfounded. E.g. Fear of exams is often the result of poor preparations that triggers panic as exams draw near. Fear of public speaking is actually a culmination of negative thinking about all the possible disastrous scenarios that we visualize and don’t dare to confront. 

So before we decide to give in to our fears we need to calmly examine the rationale and probability of our fears being genuine. E.g. A person with a very short temper would be well advised to realize his/ her inability to keep the temper in check and walk away from a possible explosive situation without feeling like a coward. Suicide is perhaps the most unfortunate nadir of FEAR translating to read Forget Everything And Run

Face Everything And Rise on the other hand is key tool that leaders utilize to stand tall and influence others. Confronting our fears is the best way to find out if the fears are valid or largely imaginary. The risk of ending up with egg on the face or failure is very real but the experience garnered would be invaluable. Being pragmatic and realistic is essential if one dares to face fears to ensure that the odds are favorable. E.g. It would be fool hardy to show false bravado and confront a desperate gunman, unless the person has no choice. Similarly taking on potentially dangerous dares or getting into an ugly spat with a charged up mob, tend to be foolish choices exercised when better alternatives could be at hand. 

Peer pressure is often a trigger for people to succumb to pressures of being seen as a sissy. Getting addicted to vices like drinking and smoking or drugs has its beginnings in people succumbing to peer pressure and indulging to begin with. If they face the pressure and rose above the pressure, it is possible that they would be spared the addiction.  Another example would be that of a person who is not comfortable driving at high speeds should never be pressurized by fellow passengers into reckless driving but be bold enough to face the taunts and stick to his/ her comfortable speed limit. Articulating a minority view points with passion and conviction in many ways is symbolic of how one can cope with a majority pressure and yet Face Everything And Rise.

Action Points :

How will you cope with the following FEARS ? Outline the next steps you would take?

  • Having to take injections for the rest of your life?
  • A looming breakdown of a relationship?
  • A dramatic drop in your investment values with high probability of bankruptcy?
  • Your inability to locate some vital personal documents like title deeds of property?
  • You are advised a risky surgery ?

 How will you respond to the following scenarios?

  • You are in the zoo and suddenly you notice that Lion has come out of its enclosure.
  • You witness an accident from your window. Next day you hear that one person has died and the police is seeking statements from witnesses who would probably have to also visit the courts of and on.
  • You have seen your neighbor’s child in the company of undesirable elements in the neighborhood.

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