Monday, April 23, 2012


Look around you right now and try catch your reflection on some object around you (other than a mirror) and invariably you would be searching for something that is sparkling clean and shiny. Even if you have a mirror handy, it is essential that it be clean and shiny for you to get a good image of yourself on it. Even in the humdrum of everyday life, your attention will always be drawn to something that shines, sparkles, glistens because it radiates pleasantness, newness and is strongly coveted. A simple act of us dusting and cleaning at home is aimed at creating such an ambience and the resultant SHINE is nothing but the outcome of what you set out to achieve -  Seeing How Instant Newness Emerges

Quickly look around you and identify 3 objects around you that can do with a big of cleaning and get back its original shine. (Maybe it is window panes, could be the telephone instrument, it could be your leather bag or shoes or wall clock….) Use the appropriate cleaning agent could be polish, soap and water, maybe a coat of paint or polish or the right agent to polish up the sliver and brass wares. Some of you would perhaps have stopped reading this and already given in to the urge to clean up now so that the objects shine and you get to savor the instant newness that emerges.

Have you noticed that when things are shiny, it draws your attention, gives you a sense of pleasantness, soothes your  charged up emotions and the worth of those objects subtly goes up in your estimation. Are you the proud owner of numerous medals, trophies and curious. Over the years the original feeling of joy and euphoria that you experienced when acquiring it may have dimmed. It is also possible that no one ever seems to notice it and perhaps it may have become an eyesore too. The simplest thing to do to restore both the artifact and your own morale is to go on a spring cleaning exercise and let each object SHINE. You will immediately experience and See How Instant Newness Emerges not just in the object but also within yourself.

Action Points:

Have a schedule for cleaning and maintenance. Why wait for the festival season to get going? Don’t forget that some of the things that need cleaning are located at a height e.g. The ceiling fan, the portraits and photographs, the light fittings etc. By merely dusting the upper part of the tube lights and bulbs the room can be lit up manifold.

How about helping out an elderly neighbor or the old age home nearby or your local library sparkle and shine? It must be done voluntarily and if possible get others to pitch in too.

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