Monday, April 30, 2012


With each passing era we observe that the world has become more FAST paced. We see it in the simple everyday tasks we perform be it the pace at which we walk, read, eat. We also become more aware of the things happening on the fast lane when we talk about the speed of processing of our computer, the speed of the internet, the speed of the latest supersonic jets or the latest vehicles. The reality is that we want to be in the FAST lane for it is there that we Find Acceleration Speed Thrust that enthralls us.

Being fast is much valued quality at work and in life. When one is fast in executing tasks, more can be achieved in less time. The fast trains are a an integral part of the commuters life line in the metro cities. Fast food is the new age food fad indulged in by the young and the old, the yuppie and the old foggy. In the hurly burly of life speed dating has provided hope to those who have no time for the old fashioned time consuming dating process. In the work place, the number crunching is dramatically speeded up by the new age computers while the information an any and everything is available at the press of a button thanks to the speed of the net connections and the algorithms that drive search engines. 

There is a down side to speed too. Notice the pace at which the statutory warnings are read out at the end of a baby food or a financial services advertisement; completely incomprehensible. Pick up the daily news paper to scan the numerous stories that  highlight accidents and deaths related to over speeding. Perhaps closer home the puritans decry the T 20 format of cricket for art and style is thrown out of the window in the pursuit of achieving quick runs in the limited overs. Errors and mistakes are an inevitable consequence of being recklessly fast.  The quick success that many a young star has achieved is alas often accompanied by the perils of living in the fast lane; substance abuse and other vices often threaten their careers and their reputation.

A long time ago in Alice in Wonderland, the author Lewis Carroll had aptly put it when a character in the book articulates the words ‘ Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.’ This is truly a fast paced world for we are destined to Find Acceleration Speed Thrust all around us. 

Action Points:

  1. Combine the fast paced thrill of the good old days and get hold of a top and recreate the magic of spinning the top. To get in touch with the newer version of it ask some kids for their beyblades and have a go with it. Did you enjoy the pace, the speed and the spinning of the top and the beyblade?
  2. Here is a picture that conveys a thousand words (courtesy the internet). Write down when and why you will adopt the pace of either of the two objects in the picture
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