Saturday, March 31, 2012


A PICNIC is a much looked forward to event in families, amongst friends and certainly amongst office mates. The excitement is in the mere thought there is going to be a lot of fun and that there would be Pleasure In Companionship Nurtured In Change. It may sound strange that people who otherwise spent so much time together, occasionally disagreeing, at times annoying one another and certainly interacting most times find a commonality of purpose and expectation in a picnic.

Part of the charm of the picnic arises from the sheer opportunity to escape from the daily grind and drudgery of mundane chores, the realization that there is an opportunity to laze around and the unlimited opportunity to have a variety of games, fun and food. There is also the anticipation of the unknown, the unplanned and a utopian idea of having a blissful time thrown in between too. Ironically, a successful picnic is always well planned and involves excellent coordination too.

While ‘spontaneity’ is key ingredient that adds luster to the fun of a picnic, it must be viewed only as the topping that flavors the entire picnic. Through spontaneity, individuals display their creative side, their hidden talents, open up more freely and allow others to experience a side of an individuality personality that perhaps was never evident. Another important element that is often overlooked is ensuring ‘inclusivity; of all participants. This is tricky as some people are introverts, others are too boisterous and quite a few could be indifferent. Finally there must someone in charge and a certain amount of discipline to ensure that the picnic goes as per plan.

Getting maximum participation, ensuring many ideas are sought and incorporated, providing for diversity of participants wants and needs are paramount to ensure that a picnic is an exhilarating experience where everyone finds Pleasure In Companionship Nurtured In Change.

Action Points:
  1. Make your circular for a picnic more lively by being more creative both in its presentation as well as style. Perhaps you have a theme based picnic e.g. A color code for the dress or a style code for the outfits or you can put some conditions that participants must fulfill e.g. getting one round fruit or vegetable.
  2. Group people innovatively for various activities e.g. Group them by height or by date of birth (all born in Jan- Mar, April –Jun etc) or by using a mixer game to help warm up as well as make the groups.

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