Sunday, January 29, 2012


There is no substitute to having FUN be it at work or play, when having company or when all alone, be it sunshine or rain and there is nothing as effective as a dose of fun when stressed for that is when each of us gets to Feel Upbeat Now no matter what.  The old adage ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ lay stress in a subtle way on the importance of having fun in life. Of course in today’s day and age more and more enlightened corporate and organizations are ensuring that fun is a key ingredient in the work environment. No one is more blessed than one who has fun doing his daily work and enjoys equal fun otherwise too. 
So how does one try to have fun and feel upbeat now? The quickest way is to stop reading this post anymore unless you are having fun reading it.  If you are still continuing to read this post let me suggest 3 ways to have fun no matter what the situation.

Refocus on positives. When feeling low and depressed or if caught in an apparent vicious circle, keep in mind this one phrase ‘ this too shall pass’. Now try to see the reality as to what could have been worse? E.g. If you are stuck in what you believe is the worst job in the world, be grateful that unlike the jobless at least you have a job. Also focus on some positives in the existing situation e.g. you are diagnosed with an incurable illness be grateful that you have time to prepare for the worst unlike someone who has a sudden heart attack an is no more. Note that by refocusing on positives you are not getting rid of the problem but instead making an attempt to Feel Upbeat Now

Attract fun.  Transform yourself into a magnetic personality that attracts positives vibes, exudes refreshing energy and conjures creative ways to enjoy the moment. Not for a moment am I suggesting that one takes a nip or two (which often provides a similar effect immediately) but the key here is ensuring that you are surrounded by dynamic energy, positive vibes and enthusiastic vigor. Simple techniques include reading jokes, sharing jokes, dressing well, partying, entertaining, indulging in a passion etc. You spark the FUN and be certain that you will enjoy the warmth of the bonfire you have lit.

Stay grounded. The essence of balance is to ensure one does not tilt to any side. This means that troubles should not be seen as calamities nor the joys that come one’s way as a perennial gift. Yet, one must be able to feel the real pain that accompanies any sorrow and relish the ecstasy of the fortuitous blessings. Not enjoying the moment robs one of the gift of bliss and by not grieving when one must, there will be an emptiness that can never be filled. Life thereafter will never be fun because, one will live with remorse. Being grounded merely ensures that effects of lightening are felt in all its intensity but without permanent damage to one’s self confidence and personality.  FUN then is Feeling Upbeat Now because you turn yourself into the lightening rod that keeps you grounded to reality.

Action Points:
  1. Make a list of all the synonyms for the word FUN. Now carry that list with you and also paste it where you can see it often. You can attempt to try and quickly move into one of those moods/ feelings when you are stressed, feeling low, annoyed, irritated etc.
  2. From the list of words given below, identify 3 words that closely replicate your most negative feelings. Make a practical plan to tackle these negative feelings and improve your fun quotient.
Quick temper/ impatience/ jealousy/ sarcasm / negative attitude/ fear / spiteful/ egoistic / acidic tongue/  
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