Sunday, January 8, 2012


With the holiday season just over, the one expression that underlined the general feelings of people was their cheerful mood. What reinforced this understanding was the numerous parties and get together ‘s in which everyone clinked glasses with the loud refrain of CHEERS and what was evident was that it was a Collective Happy Exuberant Expression of Rapport Symbolized . Yes young or old, friends and acquaintances, noon or night in the true spirit of fun and frolic would pour a drink and the teetotalers would perhaps make do with a soft drink, but uniformly and with great gusto and spirit would clink glasses and exclaim CHEERS.

Whatever the historic beginning of cheers, it is now the accepted norm to convey more than just bohemia and camaraderie for it encompasses gay abandon and is an inhibited expression of the beginning of ecstatic unadulterated fun time. However what makes the expression CHEERS even more significant is that it is a collective expression mostly shared in turns with a partner, thereby confirming individual affirmation to each other and it symbolically reaffirms the rapport one shares with the other. This implies that there are times when people who do not necessarily share a very close relationship or new acquaintances too can easily bond with simple cheers.

In real life everyone hopes to be cheerful all the time. However that is easier said than done. Maybe the word cheers convey the hope that at least briefly, one can hope to be in good spirits and be happy. Ironically this need to be pepped up and cheered has transcended into a whole new arena of professionally trained cheer girls and cheer leaders performing routines to keep sports audiences and players all fired up and excited.  This is perhaps a far cry from the origins of the word cheers, but it never the less retains the broad spirit and message. 

Cheers has also migrated to a new lexicon where sms and emails end with this small but effective closing. In part it conveys wishes of happiness both of the sender as wells as to the reader. In a broader sense perhaps it is used to take away the formal ending and making it more personalized.  Notwithstanding the origins of the word CHEERS, the subtle transition of the expression, the frequent use of it and the uninhibited manner in which it is expressed, eloquently conveys Collective Happy Exuberant Expression of Rapport Symbolized

Action Points:
  1. Do write up on one of the many write up on the origins of the word cheers by clicking this link
  2. For teetotalers the word CHEERS would be a meaningless ritual when in the company of those having a drink. However don’t let that distract you from experimenting with your ability to be a loyal fan and member of a cheer party for your favorite sporting club/ team.
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