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Each of us is fortunate to experience a variety of thoughts every moment, some happy, a few sad, sometimes positive, occasionally negative but what really matters is how those thoughts influence your actions and in turn your life. Our response to our thoughts and the consequences thereafter impact how we shape our life and our future. Our ATTITUDE largely mirrors the response we are prone to take and is therefore seen as A Thought That Immediately Turns Useful in Directing Effort. When ones thoughts are predominantly about failure, the chances of failure are very high, simply because the thought triggers a response largely designed to fail. On the other hand if success and positivity take center stage in our thoughts, then our actions and responses are focused on succeeding and we then enjoy the fruits of success.

There is emphasis on having a Positive Attitude because our thoughts are then directed towards all possibilities that will ensure we overcome any obstacle that impedes chances of success or happiness. In sports, many an upset victory by the underdog reflects the practical aspects of a positive attitude. There is also much truth about the effects of a Positive Attitude in the lines of H.W. Longfellow, in his poem The Ladder of Saint Augustine when he writes:


The heights by great men reached and kept
Were not attained by sudden flight,
But they, while their companions slept,
Were toiling upward in the night.

Unless those who toiled had a positive attitude, they would not have expended their energies in the fond hope of achieving success.

It is imperative that one train the mind to have the right attitude. This is made possible by associating with those who display the right attitude, preferably those who are always happy, confident, exuberant, extrovert and not too emotional. Obviously this means that we need to be cautious when interacting with those who are compulsive critics, those who are often sarcastic, those who avoid responsibility and those who keep whining about life in general. Equally important is our self perception about ourselves. Appreciate the strengths one is blessed with; work on overcoming our shortcomings, begin to be more proactive and decisive, exercise more self control and restrain be it on our own temper or bad habits and be grateful for all the blessings that one has been showered with.

Does this mean a Negative Attitude is completely undesirable? At times a negative attitude is a reflection of the harsh reality as is evident to the person experiencing it. It then acts as a self preservation mechanism and our actions are then directed with such an end in mind. Retreating in war when the odds are completely stacked against us can be viewed as a negative attitude but then tactically and strategically it may make better sense to preserve numbers for a better offensive latter. In boxing, ‘throwing in the towel’ is an honorable way to allow the loser to escape unnecessary punishment and hurt because of false bravado or foolhardiness. A negative attitude must be the exception rather than the norm for it to have value and appreciation.

To improve one’s attitude it is essential that we inculcate the following:
  • Seek out positives in anything and everything that happens.
  • Learn to be pragmatic without turning to be a defeatist.
  • Reign in emotions so that decisions are not biased, impulsive or made out of compulsion.
  • Be creative, innovative and unconventional in order to harness your thoughts to see possibilities in apparently hopeless and irreconcilable matters.
  • Remember that ATTITUDE is not about Daring but Living, not about Avoiding but Attempting and definitely not about Winning or Losing but Trying whole heartedly.
  • Finally never forget that ATTITUDE  is all about utilizing  A Thought That Immediately Turns Useful in Directing Effort.
Action Points:

How will you react in the following situations?
  • You have not studied throughout the year. Suddenly one month before the exam you attempt to cram and burn the midnight oil to study. By the time the exam day arrives you are not at all confident about appearing for the exam. You then ________________________
  • You are traveling in a long distance train.  At around midnight you hear a commotion and wake up to see a couple of ruffians harassing a lady commuter who is screaming for help. You would then____________________
  • You go to a friend’s newly opened restaurant for a meal. He is delighted to see you and warmly welcomes you and instructs his staff to give you the best treatment. Unfortunately in their enthusiasm to serve you the waiter spills some hot soup over you. To compound the misery the specialty of the day turns out to be a very poor dish. On the way out your friend eagerly inquires with you about the food and service. How will you respond to him? ____________________________

Find something Positive in the following situation:
  1. Despite studying hard and doing well in the exam, when the results come you are declared failed.
  2. You have won the lottery for a million rupees but you have misplaced the ticket and cannot find it before the deadline for submission.
  3. Your overseas vacation with the family is all well planned but unfortunately the day before leaving a family member who is also part of the trip takes seriously ill and is admitted to ICU and you are forced to cancel the trip incurring heavy losses on the tickets and hotel booking that are not refunded.
  4. You have won a contest in which you are to have a dinner with your favorite actor/ sportsperson. You eagerly go for the vent all excited and upbeat but are rudely shocked to know that the personality has had an emergency and cannot attend the event.
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