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Right from our childhood we are taught, disciplined and coaxed into ensuring that we SHARE whatever we have with those who do not have. It is equally true that many of us didn’t really appreciate this lesson for in our view what was ours was ours to enjoy and the idea of parting even with a small bit of it was neither appealing nor fair. Yet if we paused for a moment and asked ourselves how we would feel if we didn’t have something and the person having it did not share it with us, we would realize how hurt, and dismayed we would be. If we pondered over how we would describe the other person who did not share, we would be sure to ascribe words like selfish, stone hearted and wicked to describe them. On the other hand when we recollect memories of times we shared what we had and of those times when we were fortunate to share things that other had we suddenly recall the joy, happiness and thrill that we experienced simply because we could See How All Receive Everything when we SHARE.

It is equally exhilarating to realize the truth in the saying that ‘we double our joys that we share and half our sorrows that we share’. Perhaps as children we didn’t fully realize the implications of it because a piece of cake when shared simply reduced our own portion of pleasure and our sorrows would be eased only if someone else who wronged us was punished. However with maturity and experience, we realized that we wanted a positive, happy and cordial environment around us, the best way was to share our joys and sorrows. Our tradition of celebrating occasions be a it a religious festival, a wedding, the birth of little one or even doing well in exams or buying something substantial like a car or a house simply reinforce this fact. Similarly, the condolence meetings on the death of a loved one, our visit to the sick and the elderly and messages of sympathy and encouragement manifest as part of the process of sharing sorrows.

Real sharing must be spontaneous and genuine. It must not be done ritualistically or due to compulsion. When we congratulate someone and heartily share in their joy, the connect that we make with the people around would transcend and morph into pure ecstasy. Similarly when we reach out to another in pain, empathize with them and do all within our powers to lessen their pain, we hope to lighten their burden by absorbing a part of their sorrows and sufferings by our mere presence and support. When we SHARE in the joys and the pain, we multiply the former when everyone receives a part of the joy being spread and divide the latter by collectively joining hands to lighten the others burden. Ultimately we See How All Receive Everything when we are willing to SHARE.

Action Points:
  1. What is the most prized possession that you would find hard to share ? What are your fears about sharing it? Do you remember something that you desperately wanted but the person possessing it did not share it with you? Would you share anything with the person who never shared his/ her possession with you?
  2. How and What would you SHARE to ensure the following
  • Spread joy around
  • Liven up a dull party
  • Proactively be involved in fund raising for a charity
  • To keep yourself enthused and motivated
  • Make new contacts and relationships

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