Sunday, August 28, 2011


As man developed and evolved over the centuries, the key to the progress was the effort he/she made to adapt, adjust and advance which was made possible by the ability to LEARN. Learning was a mix of being enriched by experience, progressively experimenting, acquiring new skills and developing through analysis, thinking and creativity. What made the process smoother was the realization by each successive generation that through the process of learning each once was collectively and individually experiencing that Life gets Enriched A Resources are Nourished.

When one set about to learn, there were specific competencies that we sought to improve but interestingly the learning nurtured much more than just one aspect of life. When one sought to became a better hunter, it was not the mere hunting skills that developed but the tools of hunting evolved, the styles of hunting changed and even the approach to what was to be hunted was carefully discerned.  In school today, the array of subjects that a student is taught is focused on giving an opportunity to everyone to have a feel of the various hues of learning and in the process helps one to have basic skills in key areas of life be it mathematics, an idea of geography, grasp of language skills etc.

Sports as an area of learning was focused on nourishing the energy and enthusiasm that forms the core of youth. It helps one develop his/ her physique, stamina, flexibility and in addition helps one discover the hidden talent and potential as a sportsperson. That apart, team sports bring out the team spirit and cohesiveness required to succeed, the realization that there is a leader and subordinate relationship, that individual skills alone cannot guarantee success etc. The sports arena also highlights the importance of being very fit, the realization that there are off days when even the champion looks very ordinary and that competition will always be around to challenge and compete.

As one goes about living one’s daily life, the process of learning continues consciously and unconsciously. Bringing up a child, balancing a career and a home, coping with sudden changes and calamities etc. are all events that we are never formally trained in or taught about. However the learning in most cases happens unconsciously, occasionally painfully but always fruitfully. If one seeks to learn, one must have the right attitude, the willingness to pay a price for the learning and the courage to experience the learning even if there is risk and danger attached to the process. A learning attitude is all about nurturing the mindset to accept what comes our way and to hope that we get a benefit even obliquely. Every experience is an opportunity to learn and many a time the experience can be painful, distressing and demoralizing. Nevertheless the gain is in realizing that it is not the end of the road. The best learning comes from putting into action or practice what is absorbed. Despite the best attitude, the best preparation and extensive practice, the reality is always unpredictable. We then LEARN that when we are willing to be lifelong students Life gets Enriched As Resources are Nourished though our experiences, by our own experiments and our positive expectations.

Action Points:
  1. Jot down the 3 new things you learned during the last one week. It could relate to your work, it could be something you gained from the TV/ neighbor/ children/ friend etc.
  2. Outline some new things you would want to learn. This could relate to your passion/ profession/ whim / or as a challenge. How will you outline the way you plan to achieve this and put some clear deadlines to begin and allocate the time for it too.
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