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What distinguishes something special and catches the eye is how SMART the appeal is to the beholder. This is true for inanimate objects as well as for people. While for inanimate objects the outward appearance plays a vital role in zooming on to something smart, ultimately it is not just the outward looks but the overall features that influences. In the case of people too, the grooming, the personality and the body language definitely influences ‘first impressions’. However it is the confidence, the knowledge and the ability to effectively communicate that ultimately determines how  a Stylish Modern Approach Radiates Tastes and conveys the SMART impression. 

Our focus here will be on how individuals can be SMART and reap the rewards. The key lies in aligning and balancing the key dimensions of an individual’s life and ensuring that one manages to be smart in each of these areas. 

Physical : Personal grooming, dressing, manners and body language would be the major sub components that make up this dimension of an individual. The taste in clothing and accessories, the style and panache with it is carried would of course depend on the occasion and the setting but in the end they matter the most for they form the ‘first impressions’. Manners and etiquette's accentuate the first impressions and the way one carries oneself in stature, posture and demeanor could reinforce the initial judgment. 

Mental:  Knowledge and intelligence are two major components that make up this aspect of an individual. Being well read, updated and sharing opinions and views would enable one to display the knowledge that one has. Using the knowledge and experience efficiently and creatively at work and in everyday living could focus attention on intelligence. Judgment, discretion and decisiveness are other traits that would have a bearing on how mentally smart a person is perceived to be. 

Emotional: Feelings are a good barometer of emotions. Feeling trigger emotions of anger, hope, jealously, happiness, fear, frustration etc. Managing emotions, particularly negative emotions present both a challenge and an opportunity that in the long run determines how others perceive an individual. Being optimistic, having a positive attitude, being bold and daring are traits that are much valued in an individual. At the same time display of anger, bitterness, rudeness, fear and frustration are emotions that deflect attention from the core strengths and mars another wise smart personality. 

Holistic: Since no one can live in isolation, the holistic perception is ultimately formed by observing the social dimensions of the individual. The ability to gel well with others, the capacity to have strong interpersonal relationships,  the seamless way one can strongly disagree without being disagreeable etc. ultimately provide the inflection point that determines how others judge  an individual’s personality. A smart personality indicates that the reality is evident and that the potential is available.

In the ultimate analysis, it is obvious that all the dimensions pertaining to an individual must be well aligned and in ample measure if one qualifies to be viewed as SMART. It is then that an individual’s Stylish Modern Approach Radiates Tastes and is acknowledged by the world at large. 

Action Points:
  1. Identify one smart individual preferably known to you, in each of the following categories. Identify their  2 strongest qualities.
  • A teacher
  • A colleague
  • A competitor
  • A former classmate
  • A person of the opposite sex
  1. As an individual identify 2 specifics in each of the following dimensions that you would need to work on and improve so that you can project an even more smart personality.
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Holistic
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