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In most urban areas people always seem to be in a RUSH. They are always moving at a fast pace, seemingly with a deadline to meet and irrespective of the mode of transportation seem to resent anyone or anything that slows them down. Analyze their behavior and one can immediately understand what RUSH implies for it is exhibited in the form of Rapid Urgent Speedy Haste.

Rush hour traffic is an euphemism extensively used to denote the chockablock  and suffocating experience that one endures early mornings and late evenings on working days. The experience is uniform be it travelling by road, rail or foot. Some interesting sidelights to this rush syndrome can be noticed as under. 

Urgency seems to goad all those in a rush. Every person seems to have an agenda and a deadline to meet. The problem is compounded when there are linkages between the deadlines as would be the case when a person has to catch a variety of transport to reach ones destination. Sadly the urgency that spurs the rush is often stone walled in the humdrum of bureaucratic tangles, the lethargy of unmotivated individuals and the knots weaved by redtapism.

The speed at which others travel unconsciously propel us to keep the same pace. This has partly to do with the physical need to keep pace to avoid being stem rolled or run over. However it is the psychological compulsions of the mind, seemingly nudged by the pace of others around. that triggers alarm bells of tardiness and inefficiency. As a result breasting the tape takes precedence  over smelling the flowers or enjoying the view. 

The value of time suddenly becomes the focal point. The classic case are the train and bus timings around which a large number of peoples life revolves.  Going a step further, even indicating chunks of time be it for pizza delivery or for catching up with someone is now fine tuned to near precision levels. Even appointments are scheduled taking into consideration the RUSH factor.

In a fast paced world, one needs to match the pace around. However, it is equally important that one understand the dangers of being in a rush all the time. It will take a toll on health and relationships, affect the quality of output if continuously churned out in a rush and one would miss the small pleasures of life that simply whizz past us while we are meeting deadlines,  targets and collecting bonuses along the way. Yet in the frenzy that grips the lifestyle and work style we are wedded to, we cannot eliminate the RUSH, for mantra that spells success is Rapid Urgent Speedy Haste.

Action Points:
  1. Make a list of 5 things that you always wanted to attempt/ do but never got around to doing. Examine the reasons for not starting them. In how many cases did lack of time become the major excuse?
  2. To make use of RUSH positively here are a few things to attempt
-          Pay of all your bills immediately on receipt of the same
-          When going out for a walk as part of your exercise routine focus on increasing the distance covered rather than merely increasing the time you walk.
-          Attempt to delegate more work so that you are not rushed when doing your work and you can focus on that work that is important to your job and responsibilities

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