Sunday, October 24, 2010


We all have a wide variety of thoughts and they translate into varied feelings depending on the situation and the setting. When you FEEL you are actually Finding Enough Emotional Liberation. One can have a variety of feelings, love being the most predominant one, followed by liking, affection, acceptance etc. on the positive side and anger, hate, irritation, annoyance etc on the negative side. 

Emotions come to the fore only when the thought process is ignited by the need for expression overtly or covertly. While romantics have often highlighted the ‘love at first sight’ theory, the reality is that love is an outcome of a feeling that comes to fore over time. Liking, affection and acceptance follow a similar pattern. Occasionally, anger can be triggered by a sudden tidal way of negative emotion. However most times even the negative emotions are built up over a period of time and then one finds it hard to suppress it and then it comes out in a very expressive way. 

While most feelings are expressed verbally, it is the body language that really mirrors the feeling. The facial expressions, the proximity, the tone, the choice of words, the rate of speech etc. all reflect the feel of the person. Feelings can be expressed in many other ways particularly by way of gifts, cards, flowers etc. when there are positive feelings to be expressed. On the other hand negative emotions are easily understood by the profanity, foul language, use of expletives and loud tone and violent expressions emoted.

When our feelings are made obvious, we are communicating our innermost thoughts, passions and reactions. This is a key need for a human being to unburden, connect  and grow When we unburden our negative emotions we are like a pressure cooker which has to let out steam lest it bursts with the pressure. We connect when we share our hurt and sorrows, spread joy and happiness and express our annoyance and frustrations with those around us and in particular with those who are close to us. In expressing our feelings of hope, ambition, fears, passions and wants we grow in faith, spirit and hope.

As we journey along the pathway of life, we realize that life will always be an emotional roller coaster ride. We have to traverse it by ourselves but the wonderful part is we have enough companions on our journey. If we have to make this long ride smooth, joyous and successful we have to reconcile to the fact that we can never do it all alone. Our companions will help us ensure that we share the burdens, encourage each other, appreciate one another’s strengths and support those who are falling behind. We can give such help and receive it in ample measure only when we FEEL strongly about our journey, our companions and ourselves and suddenly we are no longer inhibited and we Find Enough Emotional Liberation to express what we FEEL. 

Action Points:

  1. Introspect and see what are the actions, words and expressions you use when you are very very angry. Also observe which people  you normally choose to vent your ire and frustrations on. (Most times they are people who are very close to you for you unconsciously realize they are more forgiving)
  2. How easily do you forgive others? Do you carry a grudge in your heart for long? Are you able to easily say sorry and accept your mistakes? 
  3. What is your favorite expression of joy/ happiness and delight. When you express your happiness do you get upset if the others don’t share your enthusiasm or fully partake in you joy?

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