Sunday, October 31, 2010

A little gift for my readers...

My previous post on GIFT -Give Imaginatively  Freely Thoughtfully actually promoted me to attempt to give my wonderful readers a little GIFT. Coincidentally, while ruffling through some old files and papers I came across this poem which I had written long years ago. I thought it appropriate to share this with you as my little GIFT to you and thank you for your warm appreciation and patronage of my blog.

There are three more reasons for me to share this poem with you
 - the first is that the poem is a humorous one and
 - the second is to give you an insight into my other interests other than churning out ACRONYMS 
 - the third is to give you a peek of my novice side and my evolution over the years.

As usual your feedback, comments and appreciation would be a great encouragement.

Happy Reading !

Excuse me please…

Lady, I have longed to tell you
A fact that you never knew
I am keen to make you wise
And I ain’t telling lies/

The matter is plain and simple
Yet for words I do fumble
Though my heart yearns to tell it
My mind cautions me against it.

I am sure that now you are wondering
And desperately pondering;
Trying hard to elicit what the fact is
That has unfortunately eluded you Miss.

Now I can’t help but tell you
The fact that has come to view,
For, every man is now slyly looking
Excuse me ma’m- your slip is showing!


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