Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2-The Psalm of Life -Commentary

In my previous post I referred to H.W. Longfellow's classic poem The Psalm of Life. In my view it is one of the most comprehensive and thought provoking poems about life. The title of the poem is indicative of the depth and philosophy that spans the narrative of the poem. A psalm - is a sacred song and Longfellow has aptly titled this masterpiece.

The insightful observations of Longfellow and the free flow of the verses are the hallmark of a poetic genius. You can read the poem over and over again and be inspired and humbled by the varied dimensions of life that are painted in the poem. The poem has nine stanza's each of 4 verses and each stanza brings out a complete and stimulating commentary on life.

Here is the poem for your ready reference:

Over the next few posts, I would attempt to share with you the subtle nuances of each verse, the implied message for us and my views on how each verse can elevate us and make our life even more fruitful and exciting.

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