Monday, December 14, 2009

12- Interesting ACRONYMS - MY interpretations.

The next set of blogs will focus on Interesting ACRONYMS* that have intrigued me ! Many of them are inspirational and thought provoking, but often we read and appreciate the expansions but have difficulty in embracing it and using it to recharge our batteries. MY interpretations of these acronyms is an attempt to share with you my views on each and I hope it will give you added impetus to adopt, adapt and be motivated by it.
                    *acronyms - a word formed from the initial letters of other words eg U.N. (United Nations)

The focus is on acronyms, that have motivational / inspirational / positive expansions.One of the most common ones is Together Everyone Achieves More. However there are others like PUSH and FAITH which have very thought provoking expansions and the next few blogs will focus on many such ACRONYMS.

You are welcome to forward me, Acronyms that you have come across, which you find thought provoking or stimulating or those acronyms about which, you would like my views on. You can either post it as a comment on this blog or email me at I would also value your feedback and comments on this blog and your are encouraged to write in your comments. 
                    Power Act - from is focused on -
                                  Powering your Spirit to ACT Now.

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