Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Self belief is a critical requirement for anyone who believes in Positive Thinking. Unfortunately, most of us tend to focus on our failures, and get paralyzed by the thought that if our actions do not produce the desired results, we have let ourselves and those who have confidence in us down. We therefore choose the easiest option inaction; in effect what we are doing is giving in to our FEAR’s.

FEAR is nothing but False Evidence Appearing Real. Let us view it differently. In any race, there can be only one winner. Does it mean that the person with the best timing be the only one to run the race? Sounds stupid, since every one in the race has a fair chance of winning, as they carry the potential to win and have thus qualified to be in the final race. A failure to win one race doesn’t mean that we cannot win the next race. If we let our fears appear so real, then we would enter every race with the belief that we will not win and you can be sure it will be a self fulfilling prophecy. Of course we must not be fool hardy and enter races where we are physically, mentally and psychologically not competent for the race. Our life is not a competitive race with one another, just a qualitative race between our own today and tomorrow. Making our life more meaningful today, more pleasurable for everyone around and pushing our own boundaries of excellence is what makes life beautiful.

No one has succeeded without tasting failure; the bitter tastes of failure is like a bitter medicine that only serves to make you healthier in spirit, mightier in thought and more determined in action.

Action Points
  • List out your goals and your fears that have stopped you from attempting those goals.
  • List out your failures and the possible reasons for those failures.
  • Outline those goals you realized despite initial setbacks and failures and ask yourself how or why you succeeded in achieving those goals.

                     Power Act - from is focused on -
                               Powering your Spirit to ACT Now.


  1. This is really awesome, by reading this first will let to our fearness in our mind, if any thing comes people are thinking that i cannot do this. This creates negative impression to some others. This is a nice article...

    Hope everyone should read this.