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Notice that any self generated action is largely the result of compulsion or desire. While compulsion by its very meaning suggests that there is no alternative and is forceful, desire evokes in our mind a pleasant, willing and positive emotion within us suggesting that the action is something we eagerly look forward to. This is because DESIRE emits from our own ability to Develop Enthusiasm Sustained Interest Renewed Energy. Going to a movie, a party, a picnic gets us excited, enthusiastic and eager whereas attending a lecture or a routine office meeting triggers thoughts of an unpleasant, boring and disagreeable waste of time. Hence it is essential that one needs to generate DESIRE within to make life interesting, to enable you to be proactive and enjoy every moment.

You can generate DESIRE if you see life as an interesting GAME and make a conscious effort to play that game well.

Goal in mind - There must be an objective, a result, a goal that helps one focus. Without a goal we merely meander through life like sheep grazing in the pastures, merely going through the act of eating and sustaining. As human beings we are blessed with greater intellect, imagination and initiative that we need to make use of. This can be done by outlining our goals, visioning the big picture and purposefully striving to attain the goal using all the resources at our command. The goal is the beginning and the focus of any desire.

Attitude is positive – Without a positive attitude we cannot generate self belief. A positive attitude can be generated when one is able to align ones goal, thoughts and actions. The starting point of this is identifying and focusing on the right goal. Focus on what needs to be done and not on what should be avoided. The latter has a negative connotation to begin with and more importantly does not help us focus on one single objective. Then we need to outline the roadmap to reach the goal, the wherewithal required to sustain us in our quest and take a decisive steps to reach out goal. With the right attitude, we begin to subconsciously fill spirit with the desire to succeed.

Motivation is envisioned – Even if know our goal and start with the right attitude, the energy to continue our quest comes from the amount of motivation we can generate within us. The motivation is not merely attaining the goal but must be apportioned into smaller slices of achievements, must include a large dose of self satisfaction, tons of encouragement from the progress made and must include the pioneering path breaking success you have personally enjoyed along the way. Motivation is the oxygen that keeps the desire alive.

Excellence is targeted- Reaching a goal maybe relatively simple. The real achievement is doing it in style. Excellence is the outcome of careful detailing, planning and execution. Excellence is attained when one can improve the existing benchmarks; improvise the current methods and pioneer new techniques along the way. Rarely can one go about achieving a goal all alone. Excellence therefore also includes one’s ability to be a good team player, a dependable team member and a welcome team participant. Excellence make the desire even more personal and appealing.

Once you begin the GAME in dead earnest your will discover your DESIRE and your own ability to Develop Enthusiasm Sustained Interest Renewed Energy

Action Points

  1. Think of the latent desires that you had during your school days. The numerous alternative professions you hoped to take upto. The various hobbies and passions that you wished you could indulge in. Do you still retain the DESIRE for it? If yes, what is stopping you from exploring those avenues? Once you have the desire time and money are no impediments; go for gold!
  2. Choose from among the following art forms and determine your desire to explore one or more of it

  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Cartooning
  • Sculpting
  • Dancing
  • Classical music
  • Doing card tricks
  • Magic
  • Haiku
  • Exotic cooking

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